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My experience

Hello, my name is Roy, I am 22 years old and I am from The Netherlands. I study Finance and Control, with an specialization in International Financial Management, at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. Doing an internship abroad is a mandatory part of my study programme and doing this in the UK has been great.
Internship-UK gave me the opportunity to gain more knowledge in the field of Accounting/Finance and I also improved my English skills. With people from all over Europe I ended up in a very dynamic workplace with a lot of challenges just because of the cultural differences.
In this company a willingness to learn and pro-active attitude will deliver you more than you expect. After this internship I will finish my Bachelor degree in Finance and Control and put the competencies and experiences acquired in New Romney into practice and I am sure this will add value to my professional career as well as in my personal life.

My Internship in Accounting

Hi, I’m Jero! I’m 25 years old and I come from Spain. I arrived in October and the weather was pretty good. This was strange as people had told me lots of stories about the freezing weather in England. Soon this changed and weather started to be as described. But never mind, I shared a house with 8-10 people so I never felt alone and definitely cold weather didn’t stop us from organising trips to many places like Dover, Canterbury, Ashford, Folkstone...and of course London. I really enjoyed them all! The first day of work was amazing. I had never been with people from so many nationalities. I was working with English, German, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch... and all of them treated me really good. This was my new family where everyone took care of everyone. This internship was a great opportunity for me, not just to improve my English, but also to gain work experience. I studied Business and I was able to work in different departments such as Accounting, Marketing, HR and CRM. Through this I was able to see the company as a whole and to understand how a company works, which was very beneficial for me as my goal is to become a good manager. When working in the accounting department I was mainly responsible for collecting, recording and analysing financial data. I recorded expenses and incomes and checked all transactions through bank reconciliation. Using this data I evaluated performance of the company and prepared reports. When working in marketing I had to increase the impact and the popularity of the company among potential customers. My main goal was to optimize the number of hits on the existing websites. When working in HR, I was responsible for all the stages of recruiting people. I manage to do interviews over the phone and face to face. I really enjoyed my internship and encourage everyone to apply!

Accounting Testimonies

Work Experience Accounts Hi, I am Ellen! I am 19 years old and I come from The Netherlands.

I am studying Business Economics/ Finance and Control at the University in Nijmegen. This internship is a part of my studies. I had the opportunity to do my internship abroad and that was for me a big challenge. I preferred to go to a country where I can improve my English, to work in a company where I can learn everything related with accounting and to work with a multicultural team.

Internship-UK is related with all these things. During my time here I have already improved my English because I work in the accounting department with people from all over the world, so this is the best combination for me. After my internship I go back to school and will finish my bachelors degree in Finance and Control.

Ellen Bongers
Department: Accounting
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
Kapittelweg 33
6525 EN Nijmegen
The Netherlands

My Internship in Accounting

Work Experience Accounts Hello, my name is Nicolai, I am 24 years old and I am from Germany.

I will soon finish my study, which is Business Administration with the main focus on Accounting and Finance. The reason I chose this internship in the accounting department was to practise all the things I learned during my study and to improve my English skills. I also wanted to go abroad and see how they work in other countries and how it is different to the companies in Germany.

It is a great experience to work with a multi-cultural team. I met many students from all over Europe and some from overseas. I learned a lot about other cultures during work and after work, spending time together. Furthermore I reached my goal to improve my English because this is the only language which is spoken during working hours in the office.

In the accounting department I was responsible for the bank reconciliation, statistic releases weekly and monthly, creating invoices for the CRM team and also for our partners, and I check the petty cash. I also check the paperwork for our flat-shares in London and report all the expenses of the company and the activity bookings.

I really enjoyed my internship here in New Romney.

Department: Accounting
Wiesbaden Business School
Hochschule RheinMain
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18
65197 Wiesbaden

Accounting and Finance Internship

Work Experience Accounts Hi,My name is Julia, I am 21 years old and from Germany.

I am studying economics with the main focus on international accounting and I wanted to do an internship abroad. This is a great chance for me. I can gain work experience while improving my English level. Furthermore this internship is a possiblity to advance my social skills because I am living together with the other interns. They are from all over the world, so I have learnt much about different cultures and nationalities.

Before I arrived in New Romney I had many expectations and goals: First goal is, of course, the improval of my English skills and work experience. Secondly, I wanted to move forward and become more independent.

Here in New Romney I work in the accounting department. I am responsible for checking the bank reconciliations and doing several statistics about the bookings. I am also creating invoices for our customers. Besides I have to check the expenses for food and different events. Every week I have to check the paperwork for our CPS-Flatshares in London.

I had a great experience in New Romney and really enjoyed my internship.

Department: Accounting
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Schlossplatz 4
91054 Erlangen

Accounting Intern Testimonial

Work Experience Accounts Hello,

My name is Andrejs. I study Business Administration in Klaipeda, Lithuania. After third year of my studies I decided to get practical experience in Accounting since it is my favourite business field. I applied in a several places all over Europe including Internship-UK. Fortunately I got immediate response from Internship-UK and succesfully completed recruitment process. Initially my main goal was to get work experince to improve my CV. In fact, I obtained much more in addition to exeptional accounting practice.

First of all it was a great international experience. I met many other students from countries all over the world. We learned a lot about each others' cultures spending time together. Now I have good friends in Italy, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Russia and even South Africa. Furthermore I substantially improved my English since it was the only language in the office and in the house I shared with other interns.

Working in accounting department I was mainly responsible for collecting, recording and analyzing financial data. Each day I checked all transactions throught bank reconciliation, and recorded expenses and incomes. I also prepared statistical data on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. Using this data I evaluated performance of the company and prepared reports for the people on the top. Furthermore I created invoices both for our partners and customers. This is just a small part of the whole list with my duties. I got amazing work experience!

I am really pleased with my Accounting internship. And I encourage everyone to apply to Internship-UK!!!

Andrejs Nesterenko
Department: Accounting
LCC: International University
Kretingos 36
LT - 92307 Klaipeda
Home Country: Latvia

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