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Marketing Testimonies London

marketing internships ukAs I was studying a degree in International Trade I had to do an internship in a Marketing Department, so I applied at Internship-uk in London. This internship in London really suited me since I had lots of responsibilities which is unusual during an internship.
Internship-uk program gave me the opportunity to have a complete and strong experience in Marketing.

I had the opportunity to work in two offices in London and New Romney. It enabled me to become more fluent and flexible in Marketing and International Trade. Furthermore, I learned a lot about the flat-share accommodation and flat-share properties during my internship abroad because I had never worked in this sector before and finally it really interested me.

The face-to-face with customers enabled me not only to practice and improve my english but also to improve my communication skills and knowledge. Indeed I learned a lot about how to deal with problems and find solutions quickly in order to satisfy the customers' expectations. For example, during my internship I had to update a database, find new partners and improve the website thanks to my skills in Marketing.

Consequently I really recommend this internship program for every trainees who want to have a good experience abroad, to improve their english knowledge and to discover London attractions during their summer holidays. I had the chance to work with young and dynamic students from all around the world during my internship in London. I improved my team spirit thanks to the cultural diversity in the company. That's why this internship enabled me to become more open-minded.

I really liked the friendly atmosphere I found there. Sharing my room with other trainees of the internship program was very great and I enjoyed many of the famous sights in England, particularly London with the Tower Bridge, Big Ben, The London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, London Eye...

If you are a student and if you want to have real responsabilities within a dynamic and multicultural company. Launch your career and apply now!

Faida Assoumani
4 ch. Des trois frères
97441 Ste-SUZANNE
Ile de la La REUNION

A great experience in Marketing London

marketing internships uk

Hy guys!

My name is Ina and I am from Germany. I am studying at Dr. Hirsch Akademie GmbH in Pirna to become a European Secretary.

A part of my studies was an internship in the UK. When I was searching for a work placement, I found by accident, but I am really glad that I did! I decided to apply for the internship at, because they said that you will work independently in a young and motivated environment and that you will work on challenging tasks and projects. It was exactly what I wanted to do. When I was accepted to do my internship I was really looking forward to go to London, where I wanted to do work.

When I started working I was completely overstrained! You got a lot of information in the first days, but after a week you got used to it and you learned by doing.At the end I was really happy that I did the internship at I expected to learn a lot of things related to my studies, and so I did. My expectations were fulfilled! After the internship I also noticed a lot of personal changes. With the experience of this internship in the UK, I felt much more confident and independent.

I think it was a big advantage that I did this internship, both for my studies and for my personal life. Thanks to for making work experience abroad possible.


Dr. Hirsch Akademie in Pirna.
Dr. Hirsch Akademie GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 12
01796 Pirna
Tel. 03501 784440
Fax: 03501 781172

Internship in UK

marketing internships ukHi!, My name is Peter and I go to business school in Rokslide, Denmark where my major is financial and business collage. I'm on my third and last year of business collage.

At Studios92, I worked in the Marketing & IT department. Here, I have been responsible for a website, in which I programmed, developed and designed. This has given me great experience, that I can use in my future career.

To tell you about my internship at Studios92, I only have good things to say. It was great to work with a young and dynamic team because there was a chance to talk with each other, giving the opportunity to improve you English. There was given responsibility at work, and a lot to learn here from everyone.

The social atmosphere is great! There was something social every day if you wanted to participate. You are guaranteed to be a part of a strong and cohesive team at Studios92.

Peter Hincke Friis
Roskilde Business College
Maglegaardsvej 67
4000 Roskilde

Gain Work Experience in an Exciting Way With Internship UK

marketing internships ukAfter graduation I wanted to do something exciting before searching for work in Belgium and get settled. This internship seemed to be the perfect solution and it is! I am practicing my English and getting work experience. This is very good for my future career. In each international company in Belgium, the spoken language is English. Also the applications are mostly in English, so this internship is a very good opportunity for me to get ready for my career.

At Ltd., I am working the marketing department. I have to translate websites to my native language, use a marketing strategy to attract people, and I also have to upload the websites. So we have to work in team with the IT department. I also work with people of other cultures, so this factor can only be good for your personal development!

The process to apply for an internship with was very fast one instead of other internships where you have to apply a minimum of 3 months before! First I had to answer 45 questions and then I had a first interview with someone from HR and then a last interview with the manager of I met a lot of people from other countries. In our free time we visit places like Stonehenge, Bath, Lille; we also have parties, movie nights, and sport activities. Every day there is an activity. If you are tired or you wanna have a quiet evening you can go to your house and have a cosy evening in the living room and watch tv.

I am very glad that chose this internship and I can advise everybody to do an intership with!

Djoeni Gielis
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Elsene

An wonderful internship in the UK

marketing internships uk Hello to all the people who are interested in doing an internship abroad!

I am studying as a European Secretary at the Dr. Hirsch Akademie in Germany. It is a training for 3 years and I am absolving my second year now. The reason why I have chosen this kind of training is that I am interested in languages, economics and management. All these things belong to my education so I definetly made the right decision.

Another part of my training are the internships abroad. I am learning Spanish, Swedish and English and in all the countries I have to do an internship. I went to Sweden and Spain and had a really great time. The experience you gain, for the language and personally, is indescribable. It boosts your personality because you have to manage all things alone when you are far away from home. It helps you enormous to grow up.

marketing internships uk For my internship abroad, I went to the UK, I worked for gift-tours / studios92 in the marketing department. I found about this company on the internet and my first impression was really good. I just wanted to be accepted for this internship! So I had to answer 45 questions which took me a long time but it was worth it! I received a quick answer and had to go through 2 telephone interviews. I was really nervous but I got the job!

The thing I like the most is that I had the possibility to work serious! Not only making coffee or be at the working place for 3 hours a day. I had my own projects which I had I deadline to finish. It is a positive pressure because I discover my own time-management. My task were to improve a website with using special tactics. All the requested knowledge I need therefore I got through workshops and trainings from the internships uk I learned so much during the month I stayed here, it is awesome. And learning is fun because I am working with a highly-motivated team, all of them want to achieve the best results for their projects. Every day is different and I made many small and big experiences during every working hour. Another good thing is that is only allowed to speak English during your working time. It is necessary because firstly: You are staying in a foreign country to learn the language, so speak it! And secondly is it very un-polite because people from all over the world are here and all are speaking English so speak English as well! It is the best way to improve it.

I can recommend this internship at studios92 / gift-tours to all people who like to do an great and useful internship abroad.


Dr. Hirsch Akademie in Pirna.
Dr. Hirsch Akademie GmbH
Bahnhofstraße 12
01796 Pirna
Tel. 03501 784440
Fax: 03501 781172

Marketing Internship in London

Hello everybody!

My name is Costanza, I am 23 and I study Management in Italy.The last year of my path of studies is dedicated to an experience abroad (I went to India) and to the pursuit of an internship, in Italy or abroad.

I decided to undertake this experience in London to have the opportunity to gain confidence in my English and I found on the Internet Studios92 that could give me the opportunity to work in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, in a international and young environment.

At the beginning the situation could seem a bit strange for a such a large company (it has more than 200 web sites). In New Romney the office is in the same building as the place where the interns live and sleep, so the atmosphere could seem a bit different from the one you could fine in another company, as a bank or a multinational.

But I think this is the strength of this company: to make students feel at home. Giving interns the opportunity to create a beautiful relationship and collaborate together.

And there is a lot of new things to learn! I worked in the marketing department and for me everyday was a new opportunity to learn something new and interesting and to contribute what I’ve learnt at the university.And everything is very motivating and challenging, considering that they give you big responsibility since the first day! Finally, i’m very happy for the choice I’ve done and I am sure that in the future I will compliment with me to have done it under lots of points of view!

Bocconi University

Opportunities gained with an International Internship in Studios92

marketing internships uk I am a student of the London South Bank University who has finished my dissertation. My university is located in the south east of London quite near to Thames. Its name is the London South Bank University (LSBU).

My course majored in International Finance in London. Before my Master degree, I studied in China at the Harbin University of Commerce and majored in Finance. The details of London South Bank University and Harbin University of Commerce are listed as below: I was looking for a volunteer job at that time when I came across the website of I am lucky, because what I found is what I need, the first time I saw my colleagues was in the office of when I finished my interview. They are warmly. Everyone smiled and came to me to say hello. At that moment, I was proud of myself, I got a wonderful job! Computers, enthusiastic people, a vibrant working environment, all of them are what I love to have.

As a foreigner, the concept of an internship is a good opportunity for me to improve my English.

I made a plan for my career:

marketing internships uk

Considering all the above points, my first step going towards my career is working as an intern. People always say: “an intern is working as a waitress; she will serve the tea and coffee for her boss and her colleagues”. Even I thought so before I become a member of Now I can tell them they are wrong, totally. allows me to achieve my goals in the first day when I was here. I have learnt a lot, about marketing, SEO, SMO, page rank and so on.

Haoli Wang

Registered office and trading address: 103 Borough Road London SE1 0AA, UK
Email address:

Harbin University of Commerce
Registered office address: 1 Xuehai Street, Songbei District, Harbin, Heilongjiang, China, 150028

LONDON: A PLEASURE WITHOUT SIN Realizing a dream without losing time

marketing internships uk Having returned from an exchange program abroad, I’d like to be independent and stay out of my house, outside of Italy. I thought, London ..why not?

I finished my university examinations and I should find a curricular internship. I seized the opportunity and trying to combine pleasure with profit, I started to do a search on the Internet among the various employment opportunities abroad. I had very clear idea actually. I wanted to go to London! The reasons that prompted me to make this choice were those of learning English well and to visit this great metropolis where everyone speaks well.

I discovered this website simply by typing "internship in UK" or "internship AND UK" and I began to assess the initial sites proposed by Google. If you did the same research you have probably realized that London offers many jobs for students or young people who would like to make an experience abroad, trying to earn something to support the costs. I chose internship-UK because the company gave me the possibility to choose a specific area of interest, including Marketing, Sales, CRM, HR, IT and Accounting and the chance to join a different job reality and integrate my academic curriculum at the same time.

Initially I felt a little disorientation...we always talked in English and the environment seemed informal but actually it was very monitored. I remember that the first week of training I completed 2 tests, the first about the company and an initial strategic analysis on it; the second was about e-marketing techniques, a subject which touched technical shares and which first I knew almost nothing but then I applied it everyday. Another interesting aspect is the fact that the company is still in the process of growth. This offers the opportunity to pursue your ideas and proposals and to offer a real contribution to the organization, learning to grow with it.

Overall I’m satisfied to choose I gained online marketing knowledge and issues from a still growing company, all living in a great metropolis reality as London and improving my English day by day.

Laura Mura
Bocconi University
Via Sarfatti
Tel: +39 02 5836 353

An Internship in a Multicultural and Dynamic Environment

Hi! My name is Cecilia and I come from Lecce a beautiful city in South Italy. I am a graduate student of Salento University of Economics in Lecce specialised in Control and Administration of Companies. I have decided to take part in international internship programme sponsored by Leonardo Da Vinci programme.

When I arrived in London, my English school invited me to have an interview with Ltd. It was my first internship in the UK! I started to work with Studios92 in the London office for 2 months. During my internship, I worked as a trainee in the marketing department and focused on Web Marketing Strategies. I had improved my marketing skills for my future career use. The working atmosphere was great because I worked with a young and dynamic team with people from all around the World, so it was also a great opportunity to get to know other cultures.

This Internship was my first work-experience out of my country, I hope there will be chance to work in other countries in the future. It was a good decision to work here with many memories. Especially with the friendly environment in the London office, I always felt like I was in a big family.

Cecilia Giannico
Universita del Salento
73100 Lecce
+39 02 48616611

My Iternship in the UK

When you arrive to London from an island as small as Lanzarote (Canary Island), your life changes completely. It gives you a world of cultural and professional opportunities previously unknown. But make the right choice can be difficult. Yo have to select between the information that you receive, having your eyes open and be patient.

I arrived to London totally lost, without work, without a place where live and of course I didn't know which English school was the most suitable for me. Finding an apartment and a school was simple, the most complicated part was looking for a job. In London live more than 11 million people, that makes very difficult to find your place in the professional enviroment. A large percentage of the population of London is composed for highly qualified professionals who speak perfect English, that means that you have to work very hard if you want to find your place.

From my personal experiencen I must say that I consider lucky. Some friends recommended me to work in Internship UK so I decided to complete the questionnaire on the Internet .Today I am gaining professional experience and knowledge that I need for my personal development.

My fear was to work in a company where the managers don't give me a chance to show my knowledge, but happened the opposite, they trust me from the first day until today, they gave me responsibilities that have helped me to grow and improve in my job, and the most important they trust me to development projects and make me feel that I was capable of doing.

To be honest this internship have made me more confidence in myself and my chances, have improved my communication skills both in oral and written. But one of the most important factors is that has given me the wonderful opportunity to meet people in my same situation, colleagues with whom I have shared great moments at work, which have made my stay in London unforgettable.

Living in London is not exactly cheap, but I must say that this is becoming in one of the most interesting and exciting stage of my life, every day discover a bit of the person you are is priceless and much of this responsibility is my job.

Internship in London

As my studies require an internship in an English-speaking country I decided to apply for an internship at internship UK.I worked in the Marketing department for three months and it was a great experience. I learned a lot about Marketing and about working life in general.

I worked with a young, dynamic team and the working atmosphere was great as everyone was willing to learn and wanted to do the best job possible.

I met great people from all over Europe, so it was also a great opportunity to get to know other cultures. As you also live together with other interns, it is never boring and there is always someone you can talk to. On the weekends you can explore England and for example visit London or Brighton. Often there are even trips organized by the company.

An internship with internshipUK is an enriching experience and I am glad I did it. I think I learned a lot, not only for future working life but also on a personal level.

Katharina Assel
Universität Koblenz

An Internship in a Multicultural and Dynamic Environment

Hi! My name is Virginia and I'm 23 years old from Lecce in the South of Italy. I have completed a degree in Business Management and am currently in the process of completing a specialised degree in Economics at the University of Salento.

After I finished my degree, I decided to take part in the Leonardo Da Vinci programme and so, in September I arrived in London for a work experience. I was at an English school for 2 weeks and afterwards I had an interview with Ltd. Fortunately, I did well in the interview and I started to work in October.

I worked as a trainee in the marketing department of the company. This internship helped to improve my marketing skills, my English, my communication and the ability to work with people from different cultures. The work environment was young, friendly and my colleagues were fantastic... it was sad to leave them! From the work experience I gained in the office, I acquired very special memories and was happy to work with some exceptional teammates!

Virginia Pancosta
Universita del Salento
73100 Lecce
+39 02 48616611

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