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Marketing Internship

Good morning , My name is Ines, I’m from France and I’m currently in the second year in ECE, European Business School, in Lyon. I specialized in web-marketing, and as part of my studies, I had to do a 3 months Marketing internship so I applied at Internship-uk.
I worked for in the marketing department, here I have been responsible of the exposure of the web-site, my mission was to generate more exposure for the company business as well as converting traffic into valuable leads and customers. I created content for the web-site and the blog, such as, articles and destinations guides, and I worked on the link exchanges with other web-sites. I also helped with the web-site design and the facebook applications. Speaking of Facebook, I managed the internship-uk facebook, created a Welcome page, Youtube page and a Marketing buzz to make the facebook page more entertaining . During the internship, I used my marketing knowledge and improved my communication and creativity skills.
The other aspects of the internship, I really enjoyed was, to meet people from other countries, learn about their cultures and work together. It was a real international team work. And, at the end of the day we met all together to go to the gym, we were more than colleagues, we were friends. The week-ends, we usually went to Ashford or Folkerstone, I really enjoyed my shopping afternoons in Ashford, with the girls.
ECE lyon Ecole de Commerce Europeene
21 rue Alsace-Lorraine
69001 Lyon
Tel : +33(0)47829553

Marketing Internship

Hi my name is Thomas and as crazy as it seems, I have already been here for 4 months. Being in the office for the long run has opened me to a lot of perspectives. I have seen many people come and go, but I didn't think I would get attached to a place like New Romney so much or this people coming and going. At first, when get there, you look around and see... well not very much because it is pretty small, but you cannot stay on your first impression.
So moving on, you start your internship and sitting next to you is one German guy and one Polish girl! Well if New Romney is a very small town in the UK like you imagine it, in the office it is international like no where else. Since I got here, I met people from 13 different nationalities!
Concerning the work, there is a great environment here, I'm not saying that it is all fun and that you are just hanging out but that it healthy and you can work in very good conditions there. This program is very flexible and opened me to many departments and let me gain as much as I can from this experience. You will automatically learn from this experience if you invest your time and your energy. Don't forget to save some for the weekend when you can spend time with your new mates and go around to visit, have some fun or just have a beer at the pub! Thomas, France

Marketing Internship in New Romney

Hello, my name is Marine and I come from the south of France. I have completed two years of undergraduate studies in tourism. After obtaining my diploma, I decided to take part in the Leonardo Da Vinci program and applied for an internship in England, to improve my English, as it is very important to be fluent in this language when you are working in the tourism field, and in the same time improve my knowledge in marketing which is a part of my studies. So I applied for a marketing internship at the New Romney Office, for a period of 6 months, and this changed myself and my personal skills, as well as my professional skills.
Doing an internship in marketing department allows you to learn a lot of new marketing tools, and especially e-marketing or to be introduced to the article marketing or landing page processes. So for me all these new tasks were a discovery, and thanks to regular workshops to explain this information, and a manager following you during your different projects, I could start working and applying directly and quickly these new skills. The advantage of doing this internship especially in New Romney is that you can have the choice to work alone or as part of a team, composed of other trainees like you, who come from all around the world, France, Spain, Italy, or Germany. It’s very interesting to work with a young, friendly and multi-cultural team because you can learn a lot about other cultures, and develop new ideas and resources in your work as in your life. It means that you learn expressing yourself in another language and with each other. You have also the possibility to become a team manager, which is the best way to perfectly complete and succeed your internship abroad at least.
Living in New Romney during my internship was also one of the best experiences of my life. This is first of all a human experience because you meet new people who come from different countries, and you discover another culture, another way of life and another way of thinking, so I built strong links with people I can keep in touch now, and I enjoyed time spending with them because of the lots of unforgettable activities we could do during this internship.
Thanks to this internship, I’m gaining professional experience and I’m gaining confidence in myself.
Marine, France

My experience in the Marketing department

Hello everybody!            My name is Androniki and I am studying Business Administration at the Athens University of Business and Economics. As I had already taken some courses in Marketing I decided that this is the field of my interest so applied for the Marketing programme in Internship-UK.            I am working here for a couple of weeks and I have really enjoyed every moment.             I had the opportunity to work on websites updating and Web Marketing strategies. What is really important is that you have the chance to explore more than one fields like HR or CRM so that you can be able to take your final decision about what subject is the suitable for you.             I am only at the beginning so I am willing to learn as much as possible and participate in several projects.            One of the most crucial point of this programme is that you can meet, communicate and interact with people from all over the world. You are able to embrace different cultures and try to understand about their lifestyle and phylosophy.             And all these in a safe healthy warm and friendly environment. Internship-Uk can really be an once on a lifetime experience for each one of you.

Marketing Testimonies South UK

marketing internships uk I am Laura, 21 years old and I come from the Netherlands. In the Netherlands I am studying for Commercial associate in Marketing and Communications. Within this study, there are 2 internship periods required for 3 months. Because I have always been interested in other countries, cultures and habits so my choice to go on an internship abroad was not difficult. An internship abroad became an internship in England because this is a great chance to improve my English and to learn more about the English (working)culture.

During my search for a suitable internship, I found quickly the website of Internship-uk. For me it was a big challenge to do an internship in England and work together with many other international students. Many international internship companies offer an internship for a really high price. At Internship-UK, they offer a free and quality internship placement where they will help you find accomodation for the entire internship period. Together with Internship-UK everything was set up quick easy for my internship. Within a few weeks, I was ready to start a very special and great learning experience in England.

Laura Elst
ROC Zoomvliet College
Knipplein 11
4702 GN Roosendaal

The Challenges and opportunities with a Marketing Internship

Hi, my name is Sara, I’m 22 years old and I have just graduated at the University for Translators and Interpreters of Trieste (Italy). Having studied English as my first language, I was really looking forward to do an internship program in an English-speaking country, so when the chance came, I took it immediately. I applied for and an internship at / which I found on the interne. Applying at was really easy: I had to answer 45 questions in the application form and then had two phone interviews with the HR office and with the manager to test my English skills and my determination to carry out an internship with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

At the beginning I was a bit worried and not sure about how to behave in a new and unknown environment. But since my very first day the thing that impressed me the most was the relaxed and friendly atmosphere all the interns were sharing.

I was working in the Marketing department, mostly localizing websites; that means translating websites into Italian, Croatian and Slovenian and adapting them to Italian, Croatian and Slovenian customers. We were all trained SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and basic web development. I gained great work experience and I had the opportunity to put to good use what I had learned at my university. I’m sure this internship would be of great importance for my future career.

Not only were we working in a young and PMA-environment, at all interns lived together and there was no time to get bored. We were always organizing trips or parties where to stay together and learn many things from each other’s cultures.

I’m definitely happy for having come to New Romney and having got the chance to carry out this fantastic life experience.

Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori
Università degli studi di Trieste

My Marketing Internship at UK

marketing internships uk My name is Caroline, I am 21 years old and I come from France. I study in the Institute of Political Sciences in Lyon.

During the third year my school gives us the opportunity to make an internship abroad. I chose internship-UK because I wanted to work in a company in England, and it offered me the possibility to do it without all the difficulties linked to the research of an accommodation.

My internship was quite long, because I think it’s the best way to get a professional experience while improving my skills and my English! I chose the marketing department as I am interested in this field, and in communication in general. It’s very rewarding to work for this department, because you learn how to master the “web language”. Indeed we work on web sites and we create new pages, using web design and HTML codes, which is very interesting.

Internship-UK not only offers you a professional experience, but also the possibility to get more and more responsibilities, to climb the hierarchical grades, which is very attractive!!!

The life in New Romney is very pleasant thanks to the organised events. Indeed, each day, we have something to do after work, because trips are arranged, so we can visit the surrounding areas.

After the internship, I will continue my education.

Institut d'Études Politiques
14 avenue Berthelot
69365 Lyon Cedex 07
Tél. :

Marketing Internship UK

marketing internships uk Hello I am Younes, 17 years old and I did my internship with Studios92. I study in the Netherlands and follow the course of International Business. After my study I want to go to university and for that I needed to do a intern ship so I came to Studios92
I found a couple of interships but they where not very good so I searched some more and talked with my friends about internships. I talked with a school colleague and she said that she had done an internship in the UK. I went on the internet to search for a inter ship in UK and I found Studios92.

The first thing I did was doing some research on England and the company. What are the customs, how is the area where the interns live and work like? I applied and filled in all the question and a couple days later I received a E-mail included a phone number. I called the number and I had a interview with an HR person of the company. After the conversation they send me another e-mail in which they invited me for a second interview. The second interview went very well and a few days later they called me with the good news that I had been accepted.

I had a contract for 360 hours and I enjoyed my time. When I arrived I felt home and the work was nice. I learned a lot of things in those 3 months. First of all, the work was something new for me but after the intern ship I had total control about the work. I improved my English and most important, I learned a lot about different cultures.

In the end I received a certificate and a good title on my CV. Working at Studios92 was a very good experience and I would certainly recommend it to you.

Younes Bouchikhi
Internship International

Hora Siccamasingel 177
9721 HE Groningen
Phone: +31 (0) 50 3 656 500

On-line Marketing Internship in the UK

marketing internships uk My name is Anna, I am 19 years old and I come from France, where I study in BeM : Bordeaux Business School. My program is very international and I have spent a semester in Germany in a European Business School. As part of my education, I have to do an internship abroad.

I chose this internship with internship-UK because I wanted to work with international students and I needed a real expertise in marketing. This internship is a great opportunity to use the knowledge in marketing I learned in business school in practise.

We are a dozen of people working in the marketing department and everybody works on internet websites. The company has more than 200 websites, so we don't get bored because we have a lot of work to do.

I work on the and websites. The work is very varied and very rewarding. This professional experience is ideal to add to my resume, and would be good for any business school student, in quest of improving their English level and obtaining a great professional experience.

The prosperity of the company is the opportunity to have different projects, which are really interesting and get more and more responsibility. Moreover, we have a seminar every week to improve our marketing and communication skills.

Anna Boutier
680 cours de la Libération
33405 Talence Cedex
33 (0)5 56 84 55 55

A perfect internship to test your knowlegde and to gain new skills

marketing internships uk Doing an internship in Marketing in a British company and working with a great and multicultural team in the wonderful city of London was for me a real chance! I learned a lot about the different Marketing concepts and practices during my internship. Moreover, this experience enriched me personally, I met lots of very nice persons and I keep great souvenirs of my training in London.

Marie, 22, Paris. Internship in Marketing, London, UK.

A personal and professional experience to live

My internship in Ltd was very rewarding professionally and personally speaking. I have been promoted supervisor of the marketing projects after only 3 weeks of internship at the office in London. The main goal of my work was to optimize the number of hits on the existing websites in order to increase the impact and the popularity of the company among potential customers. I also translated several websites in French and Spanish, and I have had a lot of interest in learning how to manage a team.

Bastien, 23, Valenciennes. Internship in Marketing, London, UK.

Learning to live together during my internship

This internship met my expectations and I achieved more than I expected. It was really interesting to have a lot of different tasks and I learned a lot by working and living together with other people from different countries. The only thing I would like to have improved more is my english language. It would be good to have the chance to attend English courses. I learned also a lot of my own personality and I improved myself. I would recommend this internship program - in general I would recommend to go abroad and here you have the bonus of many different cultures.

Claudia, 24, Berlin. Internship in Sales and Maketing, London, UK.

Taking on new challenges and embracing new cultures

Marketing Internships UK "My name is Marion, I am 19 and a 2nd year student in a Business and Development school in Lyon. I have to do an internship every year to validate each year. This year I have chosen to do my 2nd year internship in England, and in marketing. My first goal was to improve my English of course, but my skills in marketing as well. Internship-UK has given me the opportunity to achieve it. I work on the improvement of the web sites, which consists of putting it on the top of Google, but also in the French adaptation. Thanks to Internship-UK, I discovered a new way to use the marketing and I learn new vocabulary every day. Moreover, I work with students from all around the world in a very good inter-cultural atmosphere. I really appreciate this part of the internship, which is for me, one of the most important. You learn about people but also about yourself. An internship with Internship-Uk is a great experience."

Marion Carrière
47 rue Sergent Michel Berthet
69009 Lyon
+33 (4) 72 85 73 73

Embracing change with an Internship in Marketing

Hi everyone, I am Ziyi Wei, and I am from China.

After graduating from Leeds University Business School, I decided to do internship programme mainly due to my lack of working experience. I applied internship-UK, and now, I have been working for Ltd for more than one month.

At Gift-Tours Ltd, I am working in the marketing department, and I am responsible for designing the website of Chinese version, while applying the marketing knowledge to update and improve the website. My main responsibility is trying to attract more Chinese customers and improve the image of the partner companies.

It is great that I can employ the knowledge I have acquired in university to the practice, and create the benefit for the companies. The benefits I got from this internship are much more than expected. The real responsibility I took in my job made me grow up fast, and it cultivates my multi-task skills and the ability to work under pressure. Besides, as English is the official language during internship, my English has improved to a large extent.

Ziyi Wei 25, China, Internship in Marketing, London, UK.

My Internship in Marketing

Marketing Internship UK This internship has been a very great experience for me. I have had the opportunity of meeting people from very different nationalities and what is better I have had the chance of working with them. I have learnt things from each one, from their way of working and thinking. Thanks to that I leave with very pleasant memories. To work with such a multicultural team is a unique experience.

Moreover, I have had also the opportunity of living with this amazing people and spend my free time with them. Every day an event is organized and that allows you to speak more and to know better your workmates, spend good moments with them and to switch of from work as well.

Andrea de Jager Creus
ESADE Business School Barcelona
ESADE Business School
08003, Barcelona


marketing internships ukHello everybody! It's Luis Carlos from Granada (Spain).

This year I finished my Studies of Business Management and I wanted to do an internship in UK as soon as I finish my degree, and start to gain experience which could help me for my professional future, and there are not better place to do this than England.

Then I started to search for an intern-ship and I chose London, where you can find the best international companies. I searched for a company which let you work in what I studied to get an useful experience. My search was through internet and after no long time I found "" where they let me choose a department all of them perfect to improve my skills and development knowledges acquired in my studies, as marketing, human resources, accounting, finances.

After going through different interviews and after thinking between different options, I chose Studios92 to do my intern-ship because all they offer me were positive and a challenge for me. Therefore they gave me the liberty of choosing when I wanted to start my intern-ship, department and even where I wanted to work because Studios92 has offices in both London and New Romney which is a small town just one hour and an half from London. And I decided to be 3 months in Marketing Department and to work in New Romney because work environment is great here and you find many interns like you.

When I arrived to the company, my first impression was not what I expected because it is difficult to get used to a different culture but after 4 days I was like at home because I made many friends, we share a lot of time together what did working a pleasant experience also it is supported by company's events, they create a calendar of events where every day we have something to do, like parties, dinners, clubbing, trips, sports... Here if you are bored it is because you want to be, also because we have the option to go a gym with a discount because we are in Studios92.

My experience here it becomes unforgettable and I am learning more than I expected before my arrival because I am applying my acquired knowledges in marketing, therefore Studios92 cares about your formation, they teach you and make test to taste if your level is right or you need more formation, "what is really difficult is do not learn". Therefore I am meeting new friends from all over the world and learning about new cultures and habits.

To sum up my internship here helped me train as a worker and especially as a person.

Luis Carlos
The University of Granada (UGR)
Teléfono: 34-91-6249500
CIF Q2818029-G


marketing internships uk

Hello! My name is Michele, I’m 21 years old, I come from Northern Italy and this is the first time that I do an internship abroad. I knew about Internship-UK from a friend of mine, who after have been hired for an internship with this company, phoned me, and she was very enthusiastic about this opportunity!

I’ve always wanted to do an internship abroad, and when I knew about the chances that I could have with Internship-UK, I took advantage of it! I felt the necessity, both for my education and for my personal growth, to live such an experience, which gives me the possibility to live with young people from all over the world, in a dynamic, vernal and job challenging environment.

marketing internships uk The first time I came in the office, I found a total new reality, really different from the one I was used to, and I suddenly realized that there was a wonderful collaboration between the interns and between them and the manager.

At first I felt a little confused, but after the first days, when they taught me the basics principles of Marketing, that is the field in which I’m doing the internship, it all appeared clearer. From this internship I have gained a lot of new things, both theoretical and practical, besides a major confidence with the computer and with the use of English, which is one of the reasons that pushed me to live this experience, and other abroad experiences in my past.

Finally, this internship has taught me how to create a perfect and favourable relationship between the employee and the customer. Moreover, I expect to amplify my knowledges, because the group is so numerous, and each one of us lived so many different experiences that are wonderful to share.

Michele Tavernelli
Verona University
Via dell'Artigliere 8
37129 Verona
PIVA 01541040232

An International Experience, my Internship in the UK

marketing internships uk Hi, my name is Dries Tindemans, I am 20 years of age and in my third year of International Business in the Plantijnhogeschool, Antwerp. My school gave me the opportunity to have an internship abroad for 4 months.

I decided to join the intership-UK program in New Romney because I was looking for an internship that would provide me with enough challenges and responsibility. When I arrived, the New Romney team made me feel at home straight away.

My goal was to improve my English as well as my marketing skills in a young and flexible, yet professional, working environment. In the marketing department I learned about general and guerilla marketing tactics, basic HTML coding and how to apply SEO and SMO techniques. Furthermore, I translated web content into English, French and Dutch. Internship-UK also gave me the opportunity to experience field research in Hastings and Eastbourne.

marketing internships uk Together with all the other international students you will be having the time of your life here in New Romney. The event management team plans all kind of events for the team. Internship-UK gave me the chance to work independently as well as in an young and motivated International team. I learned more and had more responsibility than I could ever had imagined. I met people from all over the world and I will be visiting them in the future. Furthermore, having your internship in the UK will give your CV a definite boost.

So, if you are looking for a challenging internship in the UK, I can certainly recommend you this internship programme. If you have any questions you can always visit Internship-International and add me as a friend.

Dries Tindemans
Plantijn hogeschool
Peter Benoitlaan 35
9120 Beveren
+32 (0) 499.33.40.63

My experience during my internship in the UK

marketing internships uk Hello, My name is Jessie van Dijk. I am a 17 years young girl living in the Netherlands where I have studied International Business!

During my first year of these studies, I got the opportunity to go on a internship abroad for 3 months. I heard about internship-UK through a good friend of mine, Emine Samiu. He had done his internship here and had a great time. That is why I decided to apply there. When I got accepted everything went really easy and quickly. The HR department kept good contact and made sure everything was clear.

I wanted to do an internship abroad to improve my English and get used to working abroad. An internship in England was the perfect choice for me as well as for my school. I wanted to work in the marketing department so I could improve my skills and acquire practical knowledge in marketing techniques such as e-marketing. The internship in New Romney really offered me that plus a unforgettable, amazing time!

As soon as I arrived in New Romney, everybody made me feel at home and all the people where very helpful. I got two very kind room-mates (house-mates and colleges)! I made a lot of friends there.

In the company there where a lot of different departments such as Human Resources, Public relations, Sales, and so on. There was also and internal event management team which made my stay even more fun! They organised trips for me and all the other international interns. Because me and the other international students where sharing houses, I learned to be more independent.

I really miss the amazing time I had in the UK and I know for sure that I will come back one day!

Jessie van Dijk
Internship International

Hora Siccamasingel 177
9721 HE Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0) 50 3 656 500

A learning Experience with Internship UK!

marketing internships uk My school gave me the opportunity to do an internship abroad. Going abroad for four months would be an experience on itself and it was relevant to my studies of International Business. I browsed the internet for companies but due to the financial crisis it was not that easy to find a interesting work placement.

While searching Google, I found the website of Internship UK. An affiliate of Gift-Tours that has been giving undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to acquire a relevant work experience. I browsed through there site and applied for some of the departments that I found interesting. I applied for Marketing and Human Resources. Within two days they called me back and after a few interviews they told me I had been accepted.

marketing internships uk I worked in the Marketing department for four months. It was an experience I will never forget. I had the opportunity to gain responsibility and to prove myself. Every fortnight we had promotions, which gave you a good feeling because all your hard work was being rewarded.

All the employees where very open and friendly and it was very nice to cope with cultural differences and to learn about each other. The Event management team regularly organized parties and sight-seeing trips which allowed us to create a good balance between work and free time.

Brian Waterschoot
Plantijn hogeschool
Meistraat 5
2000 Antwerpen
+32 (0) 499.33.40.63
Internship International

Experience with Intern-ship UK!

marketing internships uk Let me start by introducing my self. My name is Mercedes Brown and I attend the Noorderpoort College in the Netherlands. I am a first year student studying the course of International Business Studies and this will take about 3.5 years to complete. In the month of December I was told by our mentor that we all needed to find a internship place. This was very important to all of us in order to pass our first year. At the last moment I didn't have a intern-ship placement. I heard from a classmate of mine that they would be going to London to their internship and he could get the information for me to apply for this Internship. I had about 3 interviews with both Avril and Giulia, HR personnel, and at the end of the week I got accepted.

The reason why I choose to come to this Internship programme was not only because most of the students from my school were coming here, but more because I wanted to obtain this experience. I never did an intership abroad before. So getting accepted meant a lot to me.

When arriving here in New Romney I was really home sick but the people that surrounded me all day, everyday gave me nothing but a warm welcome and an introduction to what needed to be done in the office. The rules are very basic and they always need to be respected. I learned how to build mirror websites, which before coming here I never knew nothing much about.

marketing internships uk

I really enjoyed working at studios 92. This internship really broadened my intelligence in the marketing field. Since marketing is a very wide field I won’t have the time to learn everything but I sure got home with enough work experience. As for taking this experience along for my career, it will really help me to be alert and how to work in a professional way. If there is one thing I learned from working here its, ‘When working in the office is down to serious business. When owning a business there are no friends so there for you have to keep your rules and regulations’.

I do really miss all of my friends that I’ve made during my internship. When I'm down and out they would always be there to cheer me up and have a good time.

Internship UK gives you the opportunity to have a professional job experience and also to meet different people from all over the world. I will never forget such an experience. I will take it with me where ever I go and in what ever job I do. Thanks for the Acceptance, it was a great experience for me.

Mercedes V.C. Brown
Antillenstraat 1-179
9714 JT
The Netherlands

Marketing Internship in the UK

marketing internships uk Hello everyone !!!!! My name is Deborah, I am an Italian girl who lives in a small village in the province of Mantua and one day decided to leave, leave my family, boyfriend and friends and undertake this amazing internship in England. I am studying at the third year of Languages for Tourism at the University of Verona and in my final year I hd to do an internship: after having completed an internship in Italy I decided to try something abroad to improve my English and while surfing on Internet I discovered, and soon I was convinced to go. After a week I had all the documents ready for my departure!

I decided to do my internship in New Romney, a small village in Kent near the sea and I chose Hotel management: on my arrival I was asked what was my dream about my future job to entrust to me the best project according to my wills and my university training. My dream is to work for a travel company or a tour operator as the Italian Alpitour or Viaggi del Ventaglio, promote their destinations, their hotels and create travel packages and tours for the tourists, and so they have saddled me several projects to promote the hotels of the company and to create travel guides for several cities all around the world. You can not imagine how many things I learned in such a short time:marketing internships uk I was not so skilled with computers, or better, I used them only for simple things and in a month, here, I have even managed to create web pages! What a satisfaction!

Here my English had improved since the first day: the majority of the trainees arrived knowing only the basics of English and returned back home with a vocabulary and grammar almost perfect! !

I suggest this internship to everyone , not only for the work experience but also for the wonderful coexistence among trainees: there are wonderful people, from all five continents with whom I daily share my experiences, my culture .. and what a lot of fun!

If you want to learn new things, improve your English, make new experiences this internship is for you!

Deborah Piva
University of Verona
Languages and Culture for Tourism
Via dell'Artigliere 8
37129 Verona
P. I.V.A. 01541040232
C. FISCALE 93009870234

My internship at Studios 92

marketing internships ukStudent at the University of Geneva in HEC, Masters in Business and Administration, I decided to follow an internship abroad in order to improve my level in English.

The problem is the multinational companies expect the intern to be fluent in English or at least have an Advance level. So, how to get a good internship program related to my studies and which follow in a foreign language?

I found the solution on internship-uk’s website. Indeed, this Internet company for booking and accommodation located in London and in New Romney hire a lot of new interns who are ready to live an unique experience.

In fact, when I arrived in New Romney, I really appreciated the idea of working in a company which is globally managed by students and young talented people. This kind of internship offer an unique work and personal experience and I have no regrets on my experience there.

I worked and met a lot of interns from all the continents and interacted with them in English while participated to the elaboration of numerous projects and discovered how a company is managed in an international environment

This experience is a real additional value for my current project because I have a valuable experience in a foreign language to talk about during my interviews. Moreover, my friends network is now international and is present worldwide which could be a precious help for my future projects, experience and it could be also a real pleasure to help my former interns’ mate if they need my help or advice in the future...

Aurélien, 23 ans, HEC student, Masters in Business and administration,
University of Geneva
40 Bd du Pont d’Arve
1211 Genève
Formation initiale
Tél +41 22 379 88 88
Formation en emploi
Tél +41 22 379 88 00

I Gained a lot of Experience from my Marketing Internship!

marketing internships uk«Hello everybody! It is me once again! I am back to New Romney, a little city in England close to London.

This internship in London really suited me since I had lots of responsibilities which is unusual during an internship.
Internship-uk program gave me the opportunity to have a complete and strong experience in Marketing. I had the opportunity to work in two offices in London and New Romney. It enabled me to become more fluent and flexible in Marketing and International Trade.

I did my first internship during two months in marketing department, I has learnt a lot both on the marketing and the human level. The interns are really PMA and working in this company is crazy. The atmosphere is convivial as all the interns are used to live together and share an accommodation. They live in a multiculturalism environment which provide them all the capacities to improve their skills.

As I said, New Romney is located in England, next to London, and I really had fun there. When I has left for the first time the marketing team of my internship I was really upset. It was an amazing experience and I met formidable person from all around the world. That is why I decided to come back to New Romney in order to help the new interns.

During my second internship I had the chance to work with young and dynamic people who came from all Europe during. Once again I had a good human experience which permitted me to improve my team spirit. I worked on marketing project and enjoyed it as interns has real responsibilities! But one thing is sure : when you are an intern in New Romney or London the time goes really fast!

Stephanie Quincey
Lycée Notre Dame du Grandchamp
97 rue royale
78000 Versailles

Work experience in New Romney with an Internship by studios92!

marketing internships uk Last year I got the task from my school to led my intern ship by a company that is operating in the hospitality or leisure industry. I decided immediately that I wanted to led my internship in a foreign country. I also knew that it would be an internship in the UK, because I wanted to improve my English skills. When I was surfing on the internet, I found a link to internship-uk.

I signed in and filled in the online application. After that I received an email for my first interview.

I called them and they told me that the head office for the internship was in New Romney rather than in London.

That wasn’t a problem for me, it turned out that it was the right choice to go to New Romney instead of London. During my stay in New Romney I worked with more than 60 other interns, so there are always people with whom you can hang around with. There was always someone to talk to and there were events everyday.

When I arrived in New Romney I wasn’t sure what to expect. Beginning a new job is always a new experience, but beginning that job in a different country miles away was really frighting. But it turned out that all my worries were for nothing. From the moment I arrived everybody was very friendly for me. The day I arrived at the Littlestone Hotel someone from HR showed me the office and I got to know some people. After that I went to my room and unpacked a part of my bags and then the hotel started to feel more like home.

From my internship I learned a lot more of Marketing then I knew before. From the workshops they were given there and the projects I had to work on, I was able to learn a wide variety of skills and competences. There were a lot of things I didn’t knew before, but that was not a problem as the staff and other interns were willing to teach me. There were actually more people who have not fully grasped all the concepts of marketing. As it was an internship, one of the goals of my internship experience was to learn, so that is what I have done there.

marketing internships uk One of my projects was working on dynamic websites, these are interactive websites. The target was to reach 1 million postings on all the websites. I also worked on numerous interactive websites.

In the evenings there were all kind of events organised for interns. Every Friday night there was pub night. Special for the interns, there was a pub which caters for the interns and allows us to hold events. Besides that there are sometimes club nights. We went several times to clubs in Ashford and Folkstone. We had always a lot fun there. Next to the party’s outside, there were also events in the accommodations that Studios92 provides for interns in: the hotel, 71, Windsor or Ellesmere house. There was almost everyday an event organised for us, so there was always something to do.

This intern ship was one big experience. Not even only in the work, but also the social aspect it was a totally new experience for me. I never lived with people of my own age. So that was really a new experience. When you are living at home your mother would probably cook for you and do your laundry. Well here you have to do that on your own. So it was totally new for me, but it was fun as well. Luckily I am an open and social person and I can take good care of myself, so that made everything easier for me.

My language skills improved very fast and also my knowledge about marketing went quick better then it was before . At my School I am currently following a study of tourism and economy at the university called INHolland in Rotterdam.

Cindy Roovers
Hogeschool INHolland Rotterdam
Posthumalaan 90
3072 AG Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Phone number: 010 - 439 93 99

My experience during my internship in the UK

marketing internships uk Since it was mandatory for my school to follow an internship in the last year, I decided to browse on the internet to find one. I like to travel so I decided to go to a foreign country. I found Internship UK on the internet and the site was very appealing and professional. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to improve my English, enhance my Chinese and gain work experience.

My first impression of the company was that there was a great atmosphere. All the students were very nice and I made a lot of friends. During the internship everybody was hard-working and doing their best to have a good internship. I learned a lot during my time here. My English improved and don’t have a problem socializing with people. I also gained a lot of working experience and got a chance to use the Chinese language a lot. My tasks during my internship included building Chinese texts and making a City Hotel Page for Studios92 about the city Beijing.

I think this has been a good experience and useful for my future. I hope everybody has a great internship in the UK!

Nicole Paulussen
Studying Chinese
Zuyd University
The Netherlands

My Internship in the UK

marketing internships ukAfter having finished my studies at the University in Vienna I thought about searching for a job, settle down and to start life as we are all expecting it to be. But then I thought about doing one last internship. I had already done 3 internships before in Vienna, but this time I decided to do one in a foreign country. I choose to apply in the UK, because I wanted to refresh my English and I had never been there before...

After some research on the internet I applied at and was accepted!! I worked there for half a year in their marketing department where I learned a lot of new things which I can definitely use in my later job, because e-marketing is getting more important every day!

What I enjoyed the most, was the “group spirit” the interns working for had among each other! We were all from different countries and it was great to get to know people from all over the world! We spent time at the beach having a pick-nick, we went to London for the weekends, or made trips to the Netherlands, or France! I would do it again and I recommend it to all of you!

University of Vienna
Dr.Karl-Lueger Ring
1010 Vienna Austria

Great work experience during an internship at studios92

marketing internships uk During my third year at the university in Holland, I had to do an internship for 5 months. I was studying tourism and recreation (Schools of Economis) and I wanted to do my internship abroad. I did not want to go too far away and I wanted to improve my English. Therefore I decided to search for an internship in England.

A friend of me found the link to the internship-uk website and send it to me. I decided to fill in the application form and soon I received an email to do my first interview. Luckily I was allowed to have a second interview and after that I received notice that I had been hired.

They told me that there were more interns and that was a bit scary, but now I can say that it wasn’t that awful. The interns were all very nice and you got to know them pretty quick. New Romney is just a little town, but there are enough parties and activities to keep you busy. You will definitely not get bored!

During my internship I have learned a lot. At first, I learned more about how it is to work in a company. I also learned a lot about marketing. It is different than what you learn at school and you have the opportunity to gain practical work experience. They gave several workshops, every time about a different part of marketing and it was very interesting. Some of the things that I had to do were totally new for me, but luckily the staff and the interns are willing to teach you.

The main thing I expected of my internship is that I would learn more about marketing and how to put my knowledge into practice. I think I even learned more than I expected. Next to marketing I also developed my communication and social skills, which is definitely a good thing.

I have worked on websites for hotels and I have worked on a project to launch 10 dynamic websites. It was very challenging, there it was quite new for me to work with and develop websites.

This internship has helped me in a lot of ways. I improved my language skills, I gained work experience, knowledge about marketing and it helped me to get more confident.

My internship at Studios92 will most certainly look good at my CV and I had a very good time.

Desiree van Stokrom
Hogeschool INHolland Rotterdam
Posthumalaan 90
3072 AG Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Phone number: 010 - 439 93 99

My internship in marketing or how to gain a lot of experience!

My name is Pawel and I am a graduate student of Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice specialised in Marketing on national and foreign markets. After my studies I have decided to take part in international internship programme Leonardo Da Vinci programme. For the place of my internship I have selected Internship-UK which I have found on the Internet. I took my internship in Marketing department.

My practice in Internship-UK enable me to get experience and skills in marketing. I was very pleased with the internship because I had a lot to do and many responsibilities and I wasn't sitting there and doing nothing. Working in an international environment allowed me to know other cultures and many interesting people.

It was really interesting experience to live with other interns from Internship-UK. It allowed us to spend a lot time together and create great working environment.

On the days off there was also no time to get bored. With other students I had an opportunity to visit London and see London Eye, Big Ben,Tower of London and Tower bridge and also visit such places like Dover, Folkstone, Manchester, Liverpool , Brighton and many more. Beside tours other events was organised e.g. Clubbing or cinema.

I would like to recommend Internship-UK to for everybody who is looking for an interesting internship in the UK. Both working and people experience gained in Internship -UK are really amazing.

Pawel Pawlak
Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice
ul. 1 MAJA 50

My Marketing internship in UK -a great Work Atmosphere

marketing internships ukWhen I arrived to the internship, my first impression was that the team spirit was very important to Studios92. Everything is built to form a real team between trainees and management whether it be welcoming parties, having lunch together, hanging out, and going to the cinema. The basic mentality in Studios92 is PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and it aims for everyone to feel good about their work.

I'm working in marketing, so during my working hours, I have to improve the quality of websites, for example: I am learning how to market websites in a way that I will bring in more visitors in order to have the best website in its genre. Everyone gives their ideas and advice to I really like the working atmosphere, it's very PMA.

I have only been here for 2 weeks but I already know that this internship will improve my communication skills in English, my vision of other management technicalities, and my marketing skills.

Charles Cretegny
IPAG Paris
186, Boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris

Internship in UK -Unforgetable experience

marketing internships ukMy intern ship in New Romney has, without a doubt, been fantastic. I have never worked at a place with people from so many countries. There are people from the USA, England, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Africa, Slovakia and Denmark! You learn so much here, not only from work, but also in the spare time by sharing interests and cultures.

People here are very nice and are hardly ever negative. You will not easily forget an internship here, simply because of the atmosphere. When I got here with my friends from Denmark we were instantly introduced to most of the people here. Quite hard to remember the names, but it really helped with the welcoming party they had planned for us in the evening.

Also, there are lots of events nearly every day, welcoming parties, leaving parties, paintball ect.

Frederik Breddam
Roskilde Business College
Maglegaardsvej 67
4000 Roskilde

Internship in UK - Great work experience

marketing internships ukMy stay in New Romney was a great experience! In the moment I am studying at Roskilde Businees College. My major classes is economy/finance and international economy.

My expectations were not very high when I arrived, but when I met the different people, everything changed. The People were very friendly and positive, which made this stay perfect! The first impression of all the people was excellent!

There were a lot of different activities like parties, pub nights, movie-nights and much more, which made the social atmosphere even better!

There were people from all over the world like the USA, Italy, Holland, France etc. And everybody was really friendly and fun! It was a really good stay in New Romney!

During my stay in New Romney, I learned a lot through my work at Studios92! I worked 7 hours a day, which I thought was a lot, but at Studios92 it was really exciting. I was working in the Marketing & IT department.

The work at Studios92 gave me a lot of different opportunities that i can use in the future!I can only name positive things about this internship! I would recommend this to everybody!!

Kasper Verner
Roskilde Business College
Maglegaardsvej 67
4000 Roskilde

"I started this amazing experience with Internship-UK!”

After my post degree in Economics, I looked for an internship in the UK related to my studies. After a long search, I started this amazing experience with “Internship-UK” in a small and charming village in Kent, called New Romney, not so far from London.

I’m working for the company Studios92 in the Marketing field and after a few weeks I already felt very involved in the company. My task is not just to update the many websites which we have, but also improve them with suitable marketing strategies. Occasionally there is the chance to meet with our partners. Obviously, all of that, helps to improve my English, my professional and communicative skills.

But this internship is not only interesting in its work aspects but on the social aspects as well. The atmosphere is very multicultural; I had the opportunity to meet many friendly people from every part of the world. As for this aspect, it makes the experience a brilliant internship. Soon enough, I became part of an amazing and big family!

The village is beautiful! New Romney is close to the sea and here you are in touch with the real English world. From one side you are in an international environment, from the other side you are immersed in the English culture. But life is not limited to only New Romney. In fact many activities and trips are scheduled in the free time to places all over the UK, Belgium and France.

My experience is started not long ago, but I’m sure it builds my language and teamwork skills that are useful for my future. I have many responsibilities and it helps me to grow up as a person rather than only an employee. So if you are looking for an interesting experience in connection with useful career skills, and a multicultural and dynamic environment, Apply now to Internship UK!

Claudia Pinto
Universita’ Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
via Sarfatti 25
20136 Milano
+39 02 48616611

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