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Marketing Testimony New Romney

After obtaining my degree in Marketing, I must,for my master degree, achieve an internship of at least 4 months abroad. I wanted to carry out an internship mostly related to marketing department to gain practical international experience in an English speaking country. At the end of my searches, I’ve finally been selected in this company located in New Romney. This company provides e -arketing solutions like Web-Design for example and will allow me to gain experiences and skills closely related to this area of knowledge. New Romney appeared like a quiet place and conveyed a simple charm. I reside in one of the accommodations hosting the interns of the company. My task was basically to generate traffic for the main wesbite of the company. For this purpose, I conducted project of link building and managed a community blog.. I was in charge of writing articles on several huge events in London as for example Olympics Games or Chinese New Year. Furthermore, I managed a blog dedicated to French community by mainly creating new content and improving the layout. Morevover, I built a forum and created a news section concerning events of the months in London in the main page. During my leisure time, I had the opportunity to go to the Marsh Academy sports center to relax. Here you can practice every sport and also meet locals to enhance your English. If you want to visit typical places, you can discover Dover casttle not far from New Romney. Finally, as New Romney is near Ashford, I was glad to do shopping in the Ashford outlet center and take advantage of attractive prices.
Khalid, France

Marketing Testimonies New Romney

marketing internships uk Hello there,

I am Jan (23 years young) and I come from a small village near Landau in Germany. After I graduated as a Bachelor of Arts in business studies with focus on management in trade at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Karlsruhe I wanted to get experience abroad. Striving for a higher education and wishing to improve myself, I want to study for a masters degree in marketing. Since English is a widespread language and the masters study requires a certain knowledge of English speaking and writing skills, it is my aim to achieve a better understanding of the language and making experiences abroad. These were the reasons why I’ve applied for an internship with internship-UK.

My first expectations were to work abroad with an English speaking team in a marketing department. Furthermore I expected to learn something more about living in the UK, the people there and the country itself.

When I arrived I was very glad about the kindness of my colleagues and their willingness to help me. In addition it’s pleasant to work in a multicultural team. Besides improving my English I want to learn more about the sphere of marketing.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Karlsruhe
Erzbergerstr. 121
76133 Karlsruhe

My experience in online Marketing & Management

My first impression when I arrived in this company was quite good, there was nice PMA atmosphere.

In this company, as trainee, I have not only designed and redesigned some website templates and continued to improve my English skills but also collaborated with the marketing department to use and learn about the guerilla marketing techniques, online marketing strategies and positioning of websites.

This was a great opportunity for my to gain a broader understanding of the actual marketing process. In fact, It helped me to accede to a Master in Marketing and management in UK starting next September. After that, I wish to further my career at an international level, combining advertising, marketing and management.

Cathy Vaessen

Understanding the Principles of Marketing

marketing internships uk Hello everybody, my name is Francesca, I'm 24 and I am currently attending my last year of my degree in Consumption, Trade and Corporate Communication at the University of Milan, Iulm.

Before finishing my course I chose to spend some months in England to improve my English and my skills in marketing. My overall goal is to become well prepared for the world of work.

On the Internet I discovered Internship-uk and I realized that this was the right thing to do.

The organization of the internship is very flexible, in fact you can choose the period of the internship and the department you prefer to work in. The great opportunity is the experience of living in a stimulating environment with young people that come from differnt countries from around the world.

When I arrived in New Romney I was very worried about my initial expectations and how I would connect with the others, the work and accommodation, and I felt really confused due to a lot of information that I had to take in on my first day. However, everybody was kind and friendly with me from the first day.

The environment is very positive and relaxed, everyone feels part of one big team.

Each week is full of events of all kinds: parties, evenings of sports, tours to nearby cities such as Canterbury and Stonehenge. Regarding the work, I can finally put into practice what I studied in recent years and that makes me happy. I have been here only for a short while, but I already feel at home, and I am more confident about the next months ahead. I am sure that after my return to Milan I will miss this place, but I think that this experience will be very useful for my future.

Francesca Fiammante
Via Carlo Bo, 1
20143 Milan
Tel. 02 891411

My Marketing Internship

marketing internships uk Hi, I am Ellen! I am 20 years old and I am from Holland. I study Commerce and Marketing. I am doing my internship in the marketing department. I went abroad for my internship to get some experience in working in a different business culture and also to get a unique experience for my personal life.

My first impression was good! I had a guided tour through the office which was funny because everyone was really happy to see a new intern and it was nice to see so many new colleagues the same age as me.

My first real working day was nice, a girl took care of me and showed me a lot of things about HTML. I got a lot of new information, but after a while I got used to it and I can do a lot by myself. So if I can’t do it or figure it out by myself now, I ask IT to help me.

My main goals for this internship are to improve my English and to learn more about on-line marketing.

During my internship I got a lot of opportunities. After a very short time I got promoted for the first time and every time I got promoted, I got more responsibilities! That is really nice so you can see that your work pays off and that the managers are positive about you.

After working hours there is also a lot to do, because the Event Department organizes some events for the interns, e.g. to welcome the new people. I’ve learned a lot here about different cultures and different people, so this is really a great experience!

Ellen Van Os
Hogeschool Leiden
Zernikedreef 11
2333 CK Leiden

My internship in New Romney, England

marketing internships uk Hello, I'm Samantha, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Holland. I've worked in the Marketing department and later on I've switched to Customer Relations Management, because I like the interaction with the customers and the partners. It really improved my English, because I had to talk all day while on the phone.

But of course it also helped that there are so many interns here from all nationalities, so you continue speaking in English after work! Before I arrived I would have never thought there would be so many interns, but I'm glad there were! It was like a big family who works together and celebrates special events and parties.

During the internship, my goals were to improve my English, gain work experience and to successfully complete my internship.

After this internship I will start with my graduate internship in probably a Dutch company and I will write my thesis. This summer I will be finished with school and I will have some international work experience in the field where I want to work in.

University of Applied Sciences
Hogeschool Rotterdam

Kralingse Zoom 91

My Marketing Internship in the UK

marketing internships uk My name is Stefanie, I come from Germany and I did my internship in the marketing department. My first expectations were to learn more about marketing, to my theoretic knowledge in practice and, of course, to improve my English. I also wanted to gain practical experiences and extend my skills and knowledge in teamwork and communication during my internship.

Through my work I learned a lot of different and really interesting things, like working with HTML and what is important when you create website content.

In a weekly workshop we also had the opportunity to learn more about online marketing and to improve our communication skills. I study Psychology with Business Studies in Marketing as compulsory subject choice, because I think that both benefit from each other. After this internship I will continue my studies and enrich them with the practical experience I gained and my improved English skills.

Universität Trier
Universitätsring 15
54296 Trier
Telefon: +49 651 201 0

A New Beginning in Marketing

marketing internship uk My name is Laurene and I am 20 years old. I am French, I come from Nimes, in the South of France.

I am studying in a business school in Bordeaux. I went to Spain last year to study in a university and I am now doing an internship in in England. I am working in the marketing department.

In this firm, I create web pages for the website about the hotels you can find in London and the shows which are in the theatres. Each week we have workshops about either marketing or communication in order to have more knowledge about these subjects. The aim of that is of course to put your skills into practise in your work to achieve your objectives: we have to improve the web pages to make them more attractive for the internet users and succeed in making them buy the products promoted, so both content and form are very important. This internship is definitely an opportunity for all of you who want learn more all the time. This allows me to learn how an English firm works with a professional and nice team.

After this internship, I will go back to Spain, for the whole year in the university Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. I spend a lot of time in Spain for my studies, so I wanted to improve my English level by doing an internship in an English-speaking country. Furthermore, I would also like to go to India to have more experience abroad. I chose this programme because it allows me to discover different countries and cultures, as well as obtain a certain professional experience. Afterwards, I wish I will deal with marketing in my future work and move to another country.

Laurene Paoli
680 cours de la Libération
33405 Talence Cedex
05 56 84 55 55

Internation Internship in Marketing

marketing internship uk Hi, my name is Silke. I am 23 years old and I come from Germany. I study International Business. The internship is part of my studies. This is my first internship abroad.

When I arrived I started my work in the CRM department which was a really good experience, because I had the opportunity to talk to customers and this helped me a lot to improve my English skills.

After two months I decided to continue my internship in the Marketing Department as I wanted to improve my professional skills in a field in which I would like to have a job in the near future. Working in the marketing department is a good chance to improve your online marketing skills which is very important in the present time. I also had the chance to deal with lots of responsibility and the fact that you can work in an international team was another amazing experience.

The people are very welcoming, so that you can spend a really nice time here also outside the working hours. I participated in many events which helped to build up a very good environment, so that you can enjoy every day!

Silke, Germany
Hochschule Aalen

An Unforgettable time in Marketing

marketing internship uk Hello!

My name is Marilyn Docquier. I come from Belgium and I am 22 years old. I have completed a Business Engineering degree at the Louvain School of Management. Currently I am part of the CEMS programme, a masters in International Management. In order to validate this second degree, an internship abroad is needed. Therefore, I started to look for an interesting and rewarding internship and I found it here, in New Romney!

I have already lived abroad, in Norway, for a couple of months. It was an amazing experience and I was looking forward to starting this internship. I integrated easily among other interns. I am working in the marketing department. Tasks are diversified and I acquire skills in web design, HTML coding, and communication. At the same time, I can develop my English skills. The interns come from all over the world, it is really fulfilling to work in a multicultural environment.

After work, some nice events are organized. The idea is to meet all your colleagues outside the office: playing some sports, visiting the beautiful castles of Kent, having fun together.

Join us! Gain a wonderful professional and personal experience that you will never forget!

Marilyn Docquier
75 Chemin du Tour
7060 Soignies

Louvain School of Management
Place des Doyens,
1348 Louvain-La-Neuve,

An Internship to Advance my Understanding of Marketing

Hi everybody!

My name is Solene, I am 20 years old and I come from France, more precisely a suburb of Paris.

I am studying at a business school in Paris and during my study, I needed to do an internship abroad. So, I wanted to do an internship with internship-UK in the marketing department.

I wanted to do this internship to learn more about online marketing, which is now really important in the business world, to improve my management and communication skills and to improve my English. I would like to learn a lot of things.

In the Marketing Department, I work on a website, where I have to improve the content and create more attractive pages. Moreover, I am responsible for a number of projects and I also have other responsibilities.

After this internship, I will finish my studies and after I would like to work in a marketing department in a tourism or sport company.

Why is it really good to be here? I am in a multicultural environment, I meet a lot of different people, I learn a lot about marketing, management and communication, while speaking English all the time, because it is the only way to communicate with other people. Moreover, a lot of event are organised so I have something to do all the time.

184 boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris

A Valuable experience in Marketing and Communication

marketing internship uk Hello, I am Vince! I am 29 years old and I am from France.

I graduated at first in chemistry, but in France you can't work in research, allegedly. It's better to do finance. So I decided to go back to school, but in a totally different field of study; business school.

I applied with success to a masters programme in marketing and purchasing. But afterwards to have a good course I wanted the benefit of an experience abroad to see how people work and live.

The masters I follow is ranked by SMBG which gives marks to all the master levels in France. I trusted them, but not the public system anymore. I chanced to find a job which appeals to me. In this programme I learned international trade and also marketing anew. I also learned about finance and markets.

Then I had to apply my theoretical knowledge in a company, as the system is successfully built alike.

Last year I have been in a big business company, but actually it's not fulfilling enough. I prefer to get involved in the development of small companies. Amongst the different alternatives that I had I decided to find a company abroad, as my course was in English. But when the world is in a financial crisis, things are more difficult.

Actually I found a company not so far away and which operate in a thrilling market: online international tourism. What is interesting in that work is that it's related to the computer science as I have a degree which has enabled me to understand the basis. Now I can build on it. Thus I applied to Studios92 and the company took me on the role. Now my aim was to integrate the team quickly and become as efficient as the others in a short notice. Here, the more you are efficient, the more responsibilities you get. In France, from experience, you work, you don't work, it doesn't matter. You don't get any reward.

So I'm motivated because I can eventually do an activity that I have chosen, like everyone else here. So I'm pleased when I go to the office company near the seashore of the South England. The weather is glorious and the temperature very mild.

Furthermore, every week we have meetings with 15 people and we go in depth in different scopes relating to the company: communication and marketing applied to sales. I've never had a course in communication in France. We currently improve ourself at online marketing balancing the sales pitch and the search engine management. It really requires skills in computer science and it's interesting for me. I'm pleased to be an intern there for the strong team experience and the fact that we live together. So we have to manage relations between people as brothers in a family.

It's very strange to see that here the management involves the team mates in the work asking for ideas, for instance, but in France I had to follow the directions. So we can do more to achieve more.

I have just been here for one month and I have many things to improve, but I'm willing to bring my abilities to the company.

An interesting point is that we are many nationalities so we have to cope with different behavior or habits at work or in life, generally speaking. I keep learning English actively in dictionaries because understanding the TV and the radio is quite difficult. At school one teacher told us: no pain, no gain. Thus I try to improve. The internship is a very good experience!

10, rue Alibert
75010 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 40 24 81

My Internship Aborad

marketing internship uk My name is Mylene, I'm 20 years old. I'm French and I come from Nantes, in the North West of France. I'm studying in the school at «BTS Personal Assistant»(Brevet Technicien Supérieur).

It's my first work experience placement in the other country.

Here, I am working in the marketing department. For the moment, my first assignment is to describe all the tours and visits that the firm offer on the websites. This work is interesting. However, with the marketing's team, we are working on the website: We should improve this website (More attractive for the customers) and create articles often! We can write articles on the London's attractions, on the London's Event or on other things. The aim to create a blog is to communicate with people and provide them with much information.

During this work experience placement, I will hope to develop and to improve my professional skills. It's very important for me. I'm also here to discover the world of working and see how a firm works.

To work in an English firm is always different than working in a French Firm. It's interesting to discover other work techniques. To acquire skills in the marketing is always rewarding for the future.

After this internship, I will hope in the first, to finish my education at BTS and acquire my Certificate. After my education, I don't know yet. I would like go on with my studies. It will be bad to stop now!

Lycée Privé
Professionnel et Technologique Talensac – 18 rue Talensac
BP 10225 – 44002 Nantes cedex 1
Tél. 02 51 72 95 10
Fax 02 40 47 65 63

A Great Opporunity and Personal Challenge in the Field of Marketing


Firstly I'll introduce myself, I’m Kevin Ohayoun, I’m a French business school student and I am 20 years old. I come from Montpellier (Beautiful city in South of France).

I want to specialize in marketing and also obtain an international experience, which is why I chose this internship. I’ve already done an internship in London during 3 months last year in a recruitment agency. I am now doing an internship in this company in Marketing, I very quickly obtained a lot of responsibilities and I even get to manage the French website.

Thanks to this internship, I’ve developed my English, of course, but also my skills in Marketing, Communication and IT which is absolutely essential nowadays.

There is a very friendly atmosphere in the company during working hours, and also outside work during the several events. Indeed we do a lot of activities with everyone, which is perfect to get to know many people from all over the world.

Another good thing is all the workshops, which can learn us a lot and they help improve my communication and on-line marketing skills quickly. After this internship I will study at an university in Germany for one year and after I’d like to go to China to finish my master. After this I will have a great CV to apply for a job in some of the biggest international company.

Kevin Ohayoun
Groupe Sup de Co Montpellier
2300 avenue des Moulins
34185 Montpellier Cedex 4

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