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Translation: my experience in New Romney

Hello, my name is Beatrice and I’m from Rome, Italy. I study Translation and I was looking for a way to gain experience in this field that would go beyond simply studying, so I applied at Internship-uk, which was suggested to me by my University tutor. Then I came to New Romney and, wow, it’s quite different from Rome! I was used to the big city life and I found myself in a small town with a bunch of people I had never seen before, and I had to be there for 4 months? What was I thinking? Well now the 4 months have come to an end, I’m leaving in just a couple of days and it still feels like I’ve arrived yesterday!
I have had an amazing time here. I gained the experience I wanted in translation by translating web pages and I got involved with other departments as well, namely I’ve been in charge of the Recruitment for the last 2 months because I wanted to challenge myself with something new and here the willingness to learn is always welcome and rewarded. But that’s not all: I made lots of friends here, and I got attached to so many people that now I have friends all over Europe! Yes because Internship-uk is an international training programme, with trainees from a lot of different countries. I must say that if somebody told me at the beginning I was going to miss this place I wouldn’t have believed them, but now I am very sorry that my internship is coming to an end. It was an amazing experience both in professional and personal terms.

Translation Testimony

Hi, I’m Julia from Germany. I am 21 and I am doing my Bachelors degree in Translation at the University of Heidelberg right now. I decided to do an internship in New Romney for 2 months in order to get some practical experience and to improve my language skills. Although I was hired to translate, I gained insight in different departments throughout my internship. As a consequence I learned a lot of different things in different fields.
There are no CAT-Tools available. Most of the time, you are translating websites which are related to the company itself or to its business partners, so you are working with HTML-documents a lot.
The people you are working with all come from different countries and different backgrounds. Everybody is really nice and open-minded. Due to the fact that you spend your whole time with the other interns you get really close to them and you can make friends pretty fast. You don’t have to wear smart clothes, all the interns come to work in jeans and T-Shirt, so don’t buy any new clothes.
New Romney is a very small place but it never gets boring. Time passes so quickly and my internship is almost over. I will definitely miss the time here.
Julia Stegmaier
Heidelberg, Germany

Translation Internship

Hi, my name is Fatima. I’m 22 years old and I’m studying translation in the 5th semester in Heidelberg, Germany. My foreign languages are English and Italian. Since I had to do an internship abroad for at least 6 weeks, I decided to apply for an internship in the field of translation in the UK. During my research I found the website of Internship-Uk. Here I am, doing my internship in the Marketing Office for 7 weeks now. My internship has also provided me with additional skills since I did not just work on the translation of homepages, using HTML, but also on Marketing projects. Moreover I worked in the HR-Recruitment department for a short time, which was interesting since it provided variety and new insights. My internship is now coming to an end, since I have just 2 weeks left and I can definitely say that it has been a pleasure to meet the open-minded and nice international interns and to work with them.

Translation Testimony: my experience

Am I too old for an internship in England?
I am attending an education school programme as a foreign-language secretary in Berlin in Germany. It is a must to absolve 4 weeks internship in London or surrounding to be able to take part in the final exam I hope to pass in January next year.
So I was looking for an intership in the internet and promptly found this Intership-UK. My other class-mates said to me: Oh no it is too far from London, we don’t like that. One of them is working now in a Persian Club and anther one is working in a shop selling clothes to customers. Now I am here and I think it is my destiny to be here.
I came here to New Romney to improve somehow my English language skills to be ready for my exam. This was my aim when I came here.
The whole thing was a matter of obligation.
And now I am here and this is my second week and I am thinking about missing all of this when I have to go back home to old Germany. I feel like this is my second small family now. I am not exaggerating but I really feel like this. We work as a team during the day helping each other, cooking together and afterwards in the evening at home we undertake something together such as relaxing on the couch watching TV or going out to the Club dancing till it hurts in the legs.
OK, now I’ll tell you how old I am. I am 48 years old and it doesn’t bother me, because I don’t feel like being this age at all. Especially because it’s not visible and I’ll tell you why. Learning, learning and once again learning is the magic word. If your opinion is like “I know everything I don’t need to learn further things” then you are already dead.
Stop learning new things is like stopping being alive. That means already being dead. It is not possible to learn or to know everything. The whole life is a never-ending learning process. This is my motto and this what makes me feel young and fit. What are you going to learn here at Intership-UK? The same amount you are ready to give (to do), you can take with you ( you can learn).
Unfortunately I am here in New Romney for just 4 weeks. It is too short and two weeks are already gone. I would like to stay here longer.

Translation Testimonies

Translation Testimonial My name is Birgit, I am 22 years old and I come from Carinthia, a province in the south of Austria. I am studying translation (German, English and Croatian) and I need this internship to be able to finish my bachelors degree – an internship in an English-speaking country is part of my curriculum.

When I heard that I had to do an internship abroad, I immediately knew that I wanted to go to the UK, because I think it’s a beautiful country and I could imagine living here once I'm done with university. I expected to get the chance to put everything I learned at university into practice and to further improve my English, so I started my internship with high expectations!

I am really glad I came to New Romney to do my internship with Gift-Tours because I have the chance to learn a lot and meet many interesting people from all over the world.

I am doing my internship in the translation department, which is part of the marketing department. This makes my work really interesting because I don’t only translate, but also get an insight into marketing. I have learned how to work with HTML and which things need to be taken into consideration when a site is created – things I didn’t know anything about before I started my internship!

Not only the work experience I get here makes the internship a valuable experience. I have met lots of great people here and we have great time together.

When I’m done here, I’ll go back to Austria to take the last exams I need for my bachelor’s degree and after that, I want to go to Germany, to do my Master there or to work, I have not decided yet. But in any case, my internship has definitely paid off!

Departement: Translation
University of Graz
Universitätsplatz 3 A - 8010 Graz
Tel./Phone: ++43 316 380-0
Telefax: ++43 316 380-9140

Understanding the Nature of Translation

Translation Testimonial My name is Stinne, I am 24 years old and from Denmark. I am doing a translations internship with internship-UK. I study interpretation and translation, so here I work with the page, where I translate the pages into Danish.

When I first arrived, I didn’t know what to expect. I arrived in a foreign country where I knew absolutely no one. It was a bit scary at first. However, I soon found out that there was nothing to be scared of. My expectations at this point was to make international friendships and connections. There are so many different nationalities here, so there is definitely great opportunities to do so. My English was already quite good, but I still wanted to perfect that. Seeing as this is a company, where so many nationalities work, we are only allowed to speak English and that really improves your skills. Having to explain yourself when someone does not understand you or you can’t find the right word really improves your way of thinking and communicating. It certainly does for me!

One of my goals during this internship was, of course, to gain practical experience, and I have already achieved that goal. On my second day here I was working with translations in a whole new format than I am used to, so it was right down to business, but it was great. I am learning how to work in an HTML-format, which was completely new for me, but I quickly got a hang of it with help from my supervisor and the other interns. I get to work with translation, which I love, so another goal is also achieved. I hope to learn more about web page set-up and work-flow management during my internship. Building and maintaining a web page requires a lot of work and planning, and that whole process is very exciting.

After this internship I am going back to Denmark to finish my education. This internship will hopefully have improved my English, and I am sure that it will only benefit me in school. After school I want to work with translations as well, so this will also help me get a good job, because I already had practical experience. At some point I would love to work as an English teacher, and this internship also provides some experience in that field. When you work with people with different English capabilities you learn to make yourself understandable and you also get to help those, who are still learning English. So there is much experience to gain from this.

Aarhus School of Business
Fuglesangs Alle 4
8210 Aarhus V

Developments in Translation

Translation Testimonial Hi, my name is Chris, I'm 26 years old and I come from Canada. I studied English and German at the University of Alberta with the aim of continuing after graduation as a translator.

I think it's obvious to most students and graduates that the economy has seen better days. And if it isn't obvious, you'll find out when you start looking for a job. When I graduated, it was impossible to find a job in my field and I started working in other areas. I knew that if I didn't find work in my field soon, I might not gain the necessary work experience to break into it. So I decided on an internship. An internship is an unpaid position, but it means I have a much better chance getting a job when I'm finished, because I now have work experience. Even after only a short time here I found there were so many opportunities available to me and so many skills that I could learn.

A couple of years ago while I was still in university, I did an internship in Germany for a television station. Doesn't that sound exciting? Well, it wasn't. I had hoped to work with the camera or maybe lighting. They put me in the costume department where I spent my summer ironing and washing clothes. I was not impressed. So when I applied for this internship, I was prepared for the worst. I was surprised to find this internship to be completely different from my last. The people are great and the work is flexible and challenging.

Flexibility is possibly one of the greatest advantages of this internship. I had come here to work in the translation department, but being a native English speaker I found myself usually proofreading and editing the work of others. After discussing my situation with the owner, Dino, I decided to change my internship to work in the copy-writing department. It's proven to be more challenging, but also more interesting and stimulating, and with it my career options have expanded beyond just translating to include any number of writing professions, translation included!

Christopher Lewis
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6G 2R3

Gaining Essential Experience in the Field of Translation

Translation Testimonial Hi, my name is Sophie, I am 25 and I come from France. I have just finished my studies (MA Translation) and I am waiting for my dissertation results. I thought it would be a good idea to get some experience in translation and do an internship as my course was mainly theoretical. I also wanted to specialise in one area.

I have been working with translations of descriptions about accommodations and theatre shows. I discovered HTML and learnt some basics about marketing.

My first expectations before arrival were to get some working experience in translation, to specialise in an area and to meet new people.

My objectives are to get as much experience in translation as possible! I also want to keep up my English!

At the end of my internship, I plan to settle as a professional freelance translator/interpreter. I also want to improve my Spanish and Italian and go to live in Japan for at least two years.

Sophie Holliday

My Internship in Translation

My name is Johann, I’m 24 and I'm from France. I would like to become a professional translator. I just finished my MA in translation. I am doing an internship in order to deepen my knowledge and to get more practical experience.

When this internship will be over, I will start looking for a job as a translator, specialised in video games localization and similar fields. I also want to go to Japan in order to learn Japanese and also because I am very interested in the Japanese culture.

Johann Audouin

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