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Internship-UK Work Etiquette

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1. Be on time:
Being punctual is one of the most important qualities. Being on time shows that you are organized and able to respect the deadlines. Moreover, your employer will trust you with more responsibilities, because being punctual signifies being trustworthy.

2. Be respectful:
Mutual respect is the basis of all relationships, either if it comes to your personal or professional life. You have to respect the environment and the people around you. Respect passes through gestures, so try not to destroy something that is not your property, respect your colleagues' work and the company's policy.

3. Be Dressed properly:
You have to follow a professional dress code to gain the respect of others. It it not enough to only dress properly, you also need to take care of the details. It’s important to know how to dress yourself for special occasions.

4. Be helpful:
There is a quote “help your neighbour” that fits here very well! Especially in business, this quality is of great importance, as the working place is a place where you’ll come across a lot of problems that you have to deal with. If the colleagues don't help each other, the working relationships will become worse and the whole business will suffer of it.

5. Be friendly:
A friend is always needed both in your school and your working place. Having friends helps the communication. Being friendly with your colleagues can only be of great benefit to the teamwork.

6. Be a team worker:
It is essential to know how to work in a team. Indeed, companies hire employees who are able to work on a project with several people rather than by themselves. Teamwork means sharing ideas and getting different point of views on a issue. Teamwork helps the business to grow.

7. Have a PMA:
Positive mental attitude is very important in the working environment. You have to enjoy what you do in order to give the best of yourself. It also motivates your colleagues.

8. Use your skills:
You should strengthen your professional skills, but also develop your personal skills by being curious, dynamic and patient, that will help you be better at work. These skills can be your best tools at work.

9. Be polite:
Since you were a child, you have been taught how to be polite, kind and respectful to the others. This is a very important quality in business and in life in general.

10. Share your knowledge:
One of the main values that can be found in a company is the knowledge possessed by the staff. As it is passed down from generation to generation within the organisation, it is never lost. Thus, when you are new in a company, the old employees can teach you their skills before they leave. Then, when it’s your turn to leave, you pass on your knowledge to a new generation of employees. That is how a company can prosper.

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