Hotel Catering Internship

Hotel Catering Internship Are you looking for an internship in the UK that provides real challenges?
Do you want to test your skills in catering and create original recipes?
Is your main passion working in a kitchen?

As an intern in our catering internship programme you will be responsible for providing regular culinary services for over 50 people. Our catering interns will have the opportunity to apply their skills and culinary talents in a young, friendly working environment.

You will have the chance to enhance your managerial abilities, through learning how to manage the kitchen, organise the stock and cooking schedules.

The main role of our hotel catering team is to plan, prepare and cook fresh meals each day and oversee orders for culinary items, and to direct the overall preparation of food.

During this internship programme you have the chance the learn the culinary arts of preparing food, that is not only satisfying but also pleasing to the eye.

Hotel Catering Internship Due to the high demands of our staff and fellow interns, our chefs will need to develop a strong sense of taste and smell to create a plate suitable for all.

Apart from great cooking skills, potential catering interns should also demonstrate a positive attitude in and out of the kitchen and bring a sense of life and flavour to their working environment. Therefore, in order to excel in the role of chef, interns should possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

One of the main benefits of undertaking a catering internship at our head office is the opportunity to learn a range of transferable skills.

Learning Catering Skills and More!

Hotel Catering Internship A catering internship will allow you to gain experience by managing a large group of people from creating a weekly menu to executing the cooking process, as well as presentating meals.

Our interns will have the chance to learn a variety of recipes and cooking techniques from around the world.

Overall, our hotel catering interns will learn the “art of cooking" preparation and service delivery.

This will allow you to gain some essential training and work experience to help your future career, as the role of chef is varied and exciting.

Benefits of an internship in Hotel Catering

Requirements and Responsibilities for Catering Interns

Hotel Catering Internship The following criteria can give you an idea of what we expect from catering applicants.

The Art of Cooking

Hotel Catering InternshipAs a catering intern you will not only get to do what they love, which is work with delicacies and food, but also be able to take on supervisory roles and managing the kitchen.

An internship in catering will provide you with all the essential skills required for managing your own kitchen. Interns have the opportunity to experiment with a range of styles and dishes. To learn how to adapt and combine modern and traditional meals together and provide a unique blend of presentation, style and taste.

Moreover, with a such diverse background of interns and colleagues, our catering intern have the chance to test and challenge their culinary abilities and experiment with a mixed range of meals each day.

Apply now for a Catering Hospitality internship in our offices in New Romney.

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Hotel Catering as told by Carlo the Chef

Hotel Catering Internship My name is Carlo, and I am a 21-year-old chef from Latina, Italy. Working for Gift-Tours through Internship-UK was the most beautiful experience of my life. When I was given the proposal to join the catering internship in the UK, I immediately accepted. Catering for everyone in the organization is not difficult at all, because they make the working hours pleasurable and fun.

This internship was suggested to me by a friend of mine, Giulia, who has been working for Gift-Tours for 6 months. I did not expect to learn English, but it is incredible that, after a week, I could speak the language in a way that people could understand me easily.

Hotel Catering Internship Even though before my arrival I was scared due to my low English level, as soon as I arrived here I immediately felt like a member of the group. My first impression when I arrived here was fantastic: I met a group of wonderful people in New Romney, a small coastal town. Gift-Tours offered many recreational activities, that keeps every intern always busy and satisfied inside and outside of work.

When I decided to come here, my only goal was to learn English and share the environment with people from different cultures and different habits. However, the experience in New Romney was much more beyond my expectations. This is because the life in New Romney is wonderful, not only during work hours, but also during free time and parties that allow the interns to gather all together and socialize. Every week there is a theme party, which gives you the opportunity to learn about people from all different cultures including foods, traditions, games and personalities.

All in all, I would like to conclude by encouraging everyone to make this experience, I can assure you that attending a catering internship is a choice impossible to regret!

Latina, Italy