Accounting Internship

Accountancy Internship

internship accountancy Are you someone who is interested in acquiring relevant work experience in the field of accounting? With an accounting internship in the UK you will acquire the right skills for a successful future career.

We are happy to welcome applicants who are organized in their work. Students who like working with numbers and who can follow regulations at all time.

Given the nature of this department, placements in accounting are very limited.

Internship-UK offers you a work placement in our accounting department in New Romney, Kent. You will have the opportunity to acquire a grounded knowledge in dealing with day-to-day accounts, invoices and receipts.

An internship in accounting involves a high degree of accuracy and responsibility. We welcome interns who have a high level of conceptual understanding of international accounting and a 100% accuracy in dealing with monetary calculations and reports.

Please note: that this internship position is only available at our head office in the town of New Romney, Kent.

Accounting Internship Benefits

Accounting Internship Requirements & Responsibilities

At Internship-UK we appreciate interns who have some prior work experience in accounting and who posses an economical university background.

We ask that candidates have a good understanding of UK Tax and VAT regulations and that they can apply their theoretical knowledge. In addition, we ask that students applying for an accounting internship possess good behavioural skills and competences and that are responsible and reliable individuals.

Overall, with an internship in Accounting in New Romney, Kent, will give you the opportunity to develop your technical understanding and practical application of accounting.

Apply now for an internship in the field of Accounting in our office in New Romney, Kent.

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