About Internship-UK
About working in the UK

About Internship-UK

Who is the internship Program for?

Graduates who wish to add skills and work experience to their CV to help stand out from the crowd in today's overcrowded job market. University Students who are looking for an experience to complement their studies. We frequently receive applications from students who wish to complete an internship as part of a Leonardo or Erasmus program. British and European graduates and students (applications from other countries welcomed but are subject to work permits) Do you fit into the above catagories? Apply now!

Every year we give hundreds of like-minded, motivated students the opportunity to gain the knowledge and work experience they require to succeed in their future careers by working in our international business as an intern.

Where are the Internships?

The majority of opportunities are at our head office based in New Romney, Kent which is based on the English coast, approximately one hour from London. Not sure of where to live? Don’t worry, we are able to offer fantastic accommodation packages which are flexible to suit everyone.

What will you get?

Hands on work experience On the job training from experienced professionals A certificate of achievement (upon the completion of your internship) A business reference (upon the completion of your internship)

How much does it cost?

It is completely free to apply! We do not charge any fees for placing you in an internship. For successful applicants we offer an accommodation service; the cost of which varies depending on the length of your rental contract.

Why is an internship a good idea?

To compete in the modern job market, many organisations are looking for applicants who have proven skills and a solid work ethic. An internship can provide students with a range of transferable skills and abilities to help build their future career. An internship can be a major asset to your CV, whether you are searching for a new job or looking for further work experience. Our internship programmes will not only enhance your desirability and determination within the international job market, but also provide you with an opportunity to embrace new cultural experiences and meet people from around the world. With an internship you have the opportunity to gain a global perspective and a greater international attitude to life and work.

Do students need to have any particular qualifications to carry out a work placement in one of our international companies?

We do appreciate students who already have work experience in the field they want to apply for, however, we will be happy to work with trainees who have relatively little experience or not at all. Therefore, you will be given a training at the beginning of your work placement. You will have the opportunity to work in one of our diverse departments of the company: Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, etc. If you have any questions about our work placements' offers or if you need any help, please contact us!

How can I apply to Internship-UK?

Applicants may apply to join one of our internship programmes on-line via our home page at www.internship-UK. Our initial application process consists of online questions designed to assess the background and characteristics of each candidate's suitability. After the initial application process, there will be a follow-up phone interview with our recruitment advisors and an interview with the manager of the department the applicant is interested in joining. Alternatively an applicant can arrange for a face to face interview at our head office in New Romney, Kent.

Is it necessary to work on my English before beginning my work placement in the UK?

English is the language spoken during working hours, over the course of your internship, you will be practising the English language daily and will have the chance to improve your language skills. On top of that, you will have the opportunity to learn from other interns a range of other languages among our diverse and multicultural team. Although it is not directly affiliated with our internship programme, we can offer a range of English lessons with our earn English programme.

Expectations of students during their internship?

Interns are required to volunteer to work for a minimum of 40 hours per week. Our shifts are flexible to fit the hours during which you work best. Initially, new interns will start as trainees and depending on ability skills and improvement there are opportunites for promotion within the company. The tasks of interns will vary department to department, interns will be able to work independently as well as on collaborative projects. As interns work on a range of projects and tasks we expect good time management skills, good communication and interpersonal skills, to meet the ever competitive job market.

What are the deadlines to apply and the duration of internships?

Applications for our internship programmes are received on a daily basis. You can apply for an internship placement any time throughout the year as we have a rolling application process. Typically our internships range from two months to one year.

What documentation is required in order to attend an internship with Internship-UK?

Students who wish to join our internship programme must obtain a valid working visa through the British government or one of the provided in the Work UK Guide. It is a necessary document to enter the country as well as to work at our company. For more information on obtaining a work visa and how to apply visit the UK border agency or contact your university or current institution. If you are a European Union citizen you can travel to the UK with your ID card. However, we strongly recommend you to bring your passport.

Do interns need a work permit to carry out a work placement in the UK?

For citizens in the European Union you do not need a work permit to carry out a work placement in the UK. Non-European Union citizens must provide a valid work permit to gain work experience in the UK which enables them to work full-time (40 hours a week). At Internship-UK we are not able to provide this work permit. We ask that all applicants who are thinking of undertaking an internship programme secure their work permits before applying. We have the right to ask for your work permit before processing your application.

I am no longer a student, can I still apply for an internship?

At Internship UK we welcome applicants from all over the world who are keen and motivated and looking to gain practical and valuable work experience in the field of their choice. Priority will be given to those still affiliated with a University or institution.

Is this Internship paid or unpaid? How will I finance my internship?

Like most internship programmes in the UK, our internship programme is on a voluntary basis and unpaid. Interns can inquire about financial support or scholarships for work placements in the UK, through your University or learning provider. To find more information on the availability of grants and scholarships, visit our Scholarships Grants page.

How much money do I need?

We provide an all-inclusive package at a reasonable price that covers all your basic living expenses including; food, bed linen, utilities and WiFi.

What insurance will I need?

We ask that our interns secure their own comprehensive travel and sickness cover for the duration of their internship. This will cover you with all necessary medical expenses. If you are ill or have an accident, the NHS (National Health Service) will help you. You may have to pay a consultation fee to the doctor, but all costs will be covered by your insurance.

Can I bring my car with me?

If you would like to bring your own car or rent a car for the duration of your internship, remember to bring an International Driving Licence with you. At our offices in New Romney we can provide free parking for our interns who are thinking of bringing their own transportation.

Do students receive a certificate at the end of their internship?

Upon the completion of an internship, students will receive a certificate and references including a report on their internship.

About working in the UK

Do interns require special working papers to carry out their work experience in the UK?

Interns are required to obtain working papers in the UK in order to gain legal access into the country for work opportunities.

Do interns need a passport to come to the UK?

Passports are needed to leave and enter countries, especially the UK. Beware of special stamps that you may need upon entering the UK.

How do you open up a bank account in the UK?

The ease of opening a bank account in the UK depends on the country of origin of the applicant. You will need certain documentation which differs for each Bank, please check on-line regarding the requirements of your chosen Bank.

Banks will ask you to provide documentation that confirms some or all of the following details:

Where can I get a UK SIM-card for my mobile phone?

There are several shops throughout the UK where you can buy a SIM-card for your phone. Our staff will be glad to help you sort out a SIM when you arrive in the UK. One of the cheapest options is to buy a pay as you go phone or a SIM-card.