Why do an Internship?

Internships are hugely relevant in today's job market. The fact is, graduates are strong on theory but this is no substitution for on-the-job training. There has, in recent years, emerged a sizeable gap between the standard at which students graduate and the standard required on the job. How to fill this gap?

With a Graduate Internship from Internship UK, you will

  • Gain invaluable on-the-job training
  • Be assigned to a personal tutor/mentor who will evaluate your work honestly and always with a view to building your skills
  • Gain insight into the industry; how it works and how to succeed
  • Meet professionals in the field who are only too happy to share their knowledge
  • Make contacts
  • Complete tasks that may later be used to enhance your CV or build a portfolio of work experience
  • Leave the program with a reference – a solid endorsement of your skills and talents from a respected professional in the industry (that is, if you manage to impress us!)
  • Be able to enter an interview knowing you have the skills and experience to excel in your chosen field
  • Come across opportunities for future employment, plus advice is always available from those in the know should you consider setting up your own business
  • Receive a certificate of your internship upon successful completion of your placement (these can later be obtained online by logging into our website)

Community spirit

With Internship UK you will be immersed in a community of like-minded people from all over the world, with varying interests and lines of work. Web Designers work closely with Copywriters, who must consult with IT on projects run by Project Managers – who must of course liaise with the PR department and ultimately pass it all on to Customer Relations Management...this buzzing office is a hub of activity; join us on your way to the top!


  • Be committed to staying at least 6 months in an unpaid position
  • Be motivated towards specific future goals
  • Preferably have background experience or studies in their field – although applicants who show significant promise are also accepted
  • Be willing to take on more responsibility as time goes on
  • Have a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Want to do an Internship as an early step on a specific career path