Internship-UK Mascots

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It is our belief and heartfelt principle at Internship-UK that everyone deserves a second opportunity to succeed, to develop and aim higher than themselves.

For all animal and canine lovers alike, Internship-UK would like to introduce you to our internship mascot: Fiona. Apart from being adorable and well trained animal, our canine have brought continual comfort and affection to our staff and interns alike at our head office in New Romney,Kent.

The "Man's Best Friend" is not just good company to be around but also a companion for life.

Whether you are having a dreary day or are in need of a companion, Fiona have time and bring a warm and welcoming touch to our the office and internship experience.


Internship UK

Origin: Before being adopted by Internship-UK Fiona had been given away by her owners to the RSPCA for being too boisterous. She would continually jump over fences and constantly want to play around. Fiona is a Staffordshire bull terrier with a dark brown coat and is almost 5 years old and is 40cm tall.

Fiona likes cuddles and going for long walks along the beach, playing with Kane, playing fetch and food.

Just like Kane, Fiona dislikes being alone and gets upset if left alone for too long. She enjoys being around others all day long and, similiar to Kane, her living environment is around the home and at the office.

While Fiona enjoys learning new commands each day she still behaves just like a puppy despite her age and requires just a bit more training and care. She loves being around people and enjoys meeting new dogs as well as long as they are balanced.

To us at Internship-UK, Fiona continually reminds us of the joys of each day and how to embrace each day through to the very end. That we should take stock of our selves and learn to stay positive through trials and tribulations and to aim to reach higher than ourselves.

Overall, Kane and Fiona have proven themselves as a welcome addition to Internship-UK and hope you find them as lovable and comforting to be around as we do.

For more information about Internship-UK or Kane or Fiona feel free to contact us or visit Dogsland to find about a variety of dog breeds, dog training and dog care.