Marking a bright and clear future for Internship UK

Released to the public June 7st 2010
Author: Stephen McAllister

Today marks the first day in a transition for Internship UK. Now as a stand alone company, Ltd looks forward to expanding its reach and influence to help train and develop more students and provide quality internship programs in the UK.

With many years of experience in providing training and internship programmes in the UK. We are proud in the knowledge that our internship programmes produce the best and the brightest and give a unique opportunity for each and everyone to learn new skills and build up a successful future.

Accredited by universities across Europe and endorsed by several companies and thousands of past interns it is our aim and long term goal to become the number one international internship provider.

To provide training, guidance and direction to many hopeful young people of today so that they can each develop their skills, and build up the foundations for a successful working career.

Planning for the tasks that lie ahead as a stand along company, it is our proud notice to give credit to everyone who has helped make this happen as we look for to the challenges ahead, as we review and continually improve our internship programmes.

It is our furthering goal, to move forward as a new stand alone company as we mark the beginning for Ltd to provide a new era in training and development. We look forward to each and everyone’s contribution as we demonstrate continual commitment and qualitative internship programmes and care for our interns.

A stay in the of South England

Released to the public April 21st 2010
Author: Laurie Vurcke

You must already have heard about Kent, a southern area in England. It is well known for its beautiful landscapes, the relaxing power of the nature that governs it. It offers a lot of magical places with a tint of history. While visiting England, stopping by Kent is a must.

The Kent covers the area of South England, just below London. It’s also known as The Garden of England, a name quite illustrative of the land’s qualities. Offering relaxing surroundings, Kent is the vacation’s destination of the city-dwellers. It’s only 35 minutes from the London central station. Then train and buses drive to all the towns nearby. Moreover, the area attracts a lot of tourists from France thanks to its ease of access by Ferry or by Eurostar.

While visiting England, you should definitely plan a trip to Kent. Discover its best landmarks such as Canterbury Cathedral, the White Cliffs of Dover, Leeds Castle, Ashford and much more. Unveil the mystery of this area and enjoy the charm and authenticity of its villages. There is so much to do in Kent for everyone. More than the previously mentioned attractions you will find a lot of outdoor activities, chill out on the coastline, spend delightful nights out, have fun in good shopping places, and attend great events allover the year. In a nutshell, it is worth visiting.

Kent might also be a nice destination for young people eager to live an experience abroad. offers internships in New Romney, a nice village in Kent accessible by bus from Dover and from Ashford. A working place in such a relaxing environment is good for the spirit and optimize the productivity of the individuals. It is the opportunity to gain valuable working experience while discovering the South of England. If you are interested by such an experience in Kent, you can apply for an internship and enjoy the time of your life in Kent.

Meaningful Professional Project

Released to the public April 8st 2010
Author: Laurie Vurcke

Studios92 has been recently investing in a new software thanks to which the company is going to be able to extend its presence worldwide. The launch of the website is quite a big task that keeps everybody busy.

The web-based company has been recently building up, a strong website meant to support its future. First of all, the partnership they made with the website provider gives them access to thousands hotels all around the world. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) department will be able to offer bookings in those hotels. Secondly, the well-designed website is much more appealing for the consumer. The easy navigation and the numerous offers regarding tourist activities worldwide should stimulate the conversion rate (number of people who visit the website and finally make a booking).

The building process of this brand new website has been entrusted to the company’s interns who are embracing the project. Everyone is contributing (assist to a remarkable degree) his/her knowledge in order to move forward in the company.

At the Studios92’s office, one can discover the creation process in one meeting after another. The marketing department is buzzing with excitement. As the new site is almost ready, it’s now all about providing interesting offers and content to be displayed in order to appeal to the consumers. Moreover, everything must be ready to launch the website on-line through different ways. Indeed, while launching a new website on-line, you must spread the word on the web. As a promotional technique, the interns are in charge of creating articles using targeted keywords in order to include them in other websites and drive some traffic to this new site. As the consumers are looking for travelling information, the interns also created a comprehensive travel guide meant to drive traffic to travelling worldwide.

Working on interesting projects such as this one is the kind of valuable professional experience provided by Internship-uk within the Studios92 group. If for you too, doing an internship must mean more than bringing coffee cups to the boss, apply for this internship programme and benefit from a meaningful professional experience.

Enjoy the time of your life

Released to the public April 2st 2010
Author: Laurie Vurcke

Future has no place for regrets. Life is build-up on the experience you made, like a trail you let behind to enjoy having a look in the past sometimes. The strong memories will stay as the ones without big impact will fade away. Thus be sure you let printings as deep as possible to catch glimpses with pleasure from above your shoulder.

You may have reached this transition point of your life, the one between the student life and the professional one. You suddenly realise that, for a lot of things, it’s now or never. Would it not be terrible to be caught in the system, see the months and the years pass by without being aware of it yourself? Wouldn’t it horrible to see yourself stuck the routine of your everyday life without living life to the fullest? It’s up to you to create the story of your life and to give it as many bounces as you want. You only live once.

What have you always wanted to do? What are you scared to miss and regret? It will still be time for a parachute jump or other extreme sport, for a crazy hair cut and hair dye, for singing a song in front a lot of people, for running a marathon, etc. But what about an experience abroad on your own...? Before being trapped in the “working life” and the responsibilities it implies, take the time to make something for yourself, to experience something strong. It might be difficult to leave your friends, boy- or girlfriend and family behind, but you know deep down that such a period in your life would be so enriching and unforgettable.

Being abroad on your own is a unique experience you will probably not have another opportunity to do later in life. It is a “now or never” opportunity. Rather than being the one listening you could be the one telling with passion about your adventure in another country. Moreover, it’s simply a life-changing experience. You can be sure you will learn a lot, especially about yourself.

The best advice to optimize your stay is to combine the social experience with the professional life. I speak about the great idea of taking an internship abroad. This offers so many advantages in life and increases the confidence you have in yourself. At least you will have a goal and wouldn’t feel lost in the foreign country, you can be certain to meet a lot of people, you will have the opportunity to practice the language, you will put into practise the skills you have learned in school... and much more. An internship abroad is the perfect combination of the social and professional experience. offers internships in English in various fields, in the UK or South Africa. You will have the opportunity to work and live with an international team. This will definitely add a plus on your CV. Join us for an unforgettable experience, and enjoy the time of your life.

An Internship on the Horizon

Released to the public March 23th 2010
Author: Laurie Vurcke

Easter time has arrived. The nature is waking up as well as we are after this long winter. The eagerness to make something out of our lives is back! As the weather is improving you may feel the urge to do the same with your plans.

Whether you are a last year student or unemployed and you don't really know which direction to give to your life, you may need some time to find your way. However there is no time to waist. The less you apply your knowledge, the less you will profit of it and the less you feel motivated. Moreover, an inactive period in your life is never good looking on your CV. So what should you do?

The best I could suggest for you is to use your reflection time to enhance your background by doing an internship. Indeed, it's more easy to be accepted for an internship than to be hired without any concrete working experience. Although you don't know exactly what to do, you can still make a trial and use your knowledges to serve an organisation and acquire even more new skills.

The internship experience is often based on an exchange principle. The more you give, the more you get. If you demonstrate some abilities and commitment to your work, the people you are working for will notice your involvement and may give you some good tips as well as more responsibilities. An internship is always an enriching experience which is definitely a plus in your CV. It is even better if you can mention that you did it abroad. The employers often give more consideration to this kind of resourceful person you might be.

Additional to a valuable working experience, Internship-uk offers also the best social environment possible. They offer you the opportunity to integrate into a community of interns, which includes living and working together, experiencing great moments of fun and building strong relationships.

It is really a genuine experience that gives you the opportunity to discover the professional world while making your first steps and acquiring new skills. It's time for you to move forward. Therefore, stop hesitating and apply now for an experience you will have reasons to be proud of!

Make Your New Year's Resolution with Internship-UK!

Released to the public December 13th 2008
Author: Jennifer Young

2009 is just around the corner and before you know it, the New Year will be knocking on your door telling you, "It is time to make a New Year's resolution!"”

Come around the 31st of December, New Year's Eve, many people look back on the past year and find that it hadn't quite turned out just as they had expected it to. Whether it be course work, career paths, relationships, personal achievements or desires, there is always something that they had wished to accomplish but had not. Then as the clock strikes 12 on New Year's Day, many people make resolutions and promises to themselves to improve and change their lives for the New Year.

So why not be one of those few who look back on the year without regrets. Make a resolution that will result in a positive experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. Start your New Year with an internship where you will gain real international work experience in the UK. At Internship UK, you can apply theory learned at university to a job and start your career in your desired work field. You will be able to meet people similar to you from all over the world and build life long relationships. By the end of the internship you will have achieved and learned so many skills related to your career field of interest. Whether it be technical skills, management of an entire department or office, and even personal growth.

Internship-UK offers internships in London and Kent in the following departments: Accounting/Finance, Customer Relationship Management (Sales), Event Management (External & Internal), Hotel Management, Human Resources, Information Technology (Administration, Web Design, Web Development), Management, Marketing, and Sales. Get rewarding work experience in the UK while engaging in a new adventure abroad. Fulfill all of your career and personal goals by participating in a one of a kind internship work experience!

Make 2009 the year for you!

If you would like to make your New Year's resolution with Internship-UK, Apply Now! For more inquiries, please continue to view our Internship-UK website.

Internship With No Regrets

Released to the public October 7 th 2008
Author: Jennifer Young

Fifty years from now when you look back on life you want to say, “Wow, I have lived my life, traveled the world, became successful, and I have NO regrets.”

Forget about the clothes you wore, your “cool” status, the forgettable college parties, boring jobs, and the numerous dead end relationships. These factors of your life which may seem important now, may not be as important later. The accomplishments of what you do now will be the deciding factor of your life. Now is the time to plan for the future while living life to the fullest!

So why not live on the edge and have a bit of an adventure? Pack your bags, leave your comfort-zone, and jump on a plane to London.

Internship-UK offers internships in London and Kent in the following departments: Accounting, Finance, Hotel Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, and Sales. Get rewarding work experience in the UK while engaging in a new adventure abroad. Experience life and work in a totally new and exciting country with other international students like yourself. Have no worries, you will be working in a very friendly and relaxed work atmosphere in London or Kent. Take this job opportunity to have fun and learn all at the same time before you regret it!

For more inquiries, visit our website at

Internship-Uk – Helpful Application Tips

Released to the public September 8th 2008
Author: Meena Patel

Get prepared for the New Year

In recent weeks, internship-uk has had an influx of applications, sometimes numbering 50-60 per day. Most of these applications concern the coming year with many students looking to make more of an impression on their CV/ Work Profile.

If you are considering applying for an internship in 2009, you should waste no time, and get the application started.

Key tips for a successful Application

Helpful hints for an internship placement

Released to the public September 3rd 2008
Author: Meena Patel

Make the most out of your time on placement

Once you have been accepted don't just sit back and take an internship for what it is.

You should focus and get the most out of your placement. Research has shown that many employees value work placements, and the BBC notes how 'Unpaid work placements are often seen as the ultimate sign of commitment.' Now, more than ever, you should be spending your summers gaining valuable experience. This is especially the case when we see how competitive the workforce is today. Most graduate schemes take only 10-20 applications, from over a 1000 applicants. A work experience is the best environment to show your commitment to a particular scheme or job prospect.

With the new National Council of Work Experience up in action, there is no reason to be confused about a work experience scheme. The guardian notes how 'you may find yourself offered greater responsibility. Take it. It will help.' You should strive to make the absolute most of your work experience, and in the end, you may just get lucky and be offered a job. If not, don't worry, its the experience and skills you have learnt along the way that will help you.

Helpful Hints for Making the most out of your Placement!

So apply now for an work placement today, and set yourself above the crowd.

A Real Multicultural Experience

Released to the public August 29th 2008
Author: Meena Patel

The Effects of A Global Workplace

What are the effects of a global workplace?

We can see the effects of a global workplace in most of our everyday routines. Our clothes are made by giant companies in China, many toys are made in Taiwan, call centres have been outsourced to India and Companies have thriving offices in multiple countries. Business is not what it used to be. To keep up with the changing world we must adapt.

Meeting these demands!

Work is not what it used to be. The days where we could join a company at the age of 17 climb the ladder until retirement are now finished. We need skills to make us available for the long term, and we need skills that are adaptable. A good way to gain these skills is to do an internship within a global company. Research has shown that your internship is far more credible when you work with people of other nationalities, and furthermore, employees value the skills that you pick up.

Finding a multicultural opportunity!

Here at Internship UK you will have the chance to live, learn and work with over 5 different nationalities at any given time. You will embrace the global ethic, and you will be a better employee as a result of your experiences. We value our workers and we will ensure that we provide a fun, learning environment. We believe that by encouraging a multicultural ethic now, we will be developing leaders for the future.

Skills that you WILL develop!

To top it all off, you will have friends based all over the world!!!

Apply today for an experience that will change your destiny.

Universities working with Internship-UK

Released to the public August 4th 2008
Author: Claudia Piwecki

Internship-UK tops up your student's CV

The mission of every university is to provide their students with a valuable and professional education. After graduation, students should go out into the world with a competent background for their career.

But nowadays, a good education is not enough.

Competition is growing everyday and students have to present an extraordinary CV to achieve the job they want. Words like Erasmus are expected to appear in every CV, best next to volunteer work, a part time job relating to a relevant field of study, awards for part-time projects that students do in their free time, etc. One of the most important features that enhances a student's quality is: work experience. Easier said than done...

Reliable companies that will not only allow students to take their first steps in the business world whilst providing valid experiences relating to their studies are difficult to find. offers the possibility for students or graduates to gain valuable work experience in many fields of study in one of the worlds most important metropolises regarding business: London.

Students not only top up their CV, they also become more self-confident and are able to apply skills learnt to everyday life experiences. These are the goals of every university: to turn its students into mature graduates ready to jump into the next challenge - the business world.

Provide your students with the possibility to improve their CV:

Internship-UK – Getting the most from your picture

Released to the public July 29th 2008
Author: Meena Patel

A picture can make all the difference

You will find that employers often ask for a picture alongside an application form. You might think this is a nuisance or a subjective view, but it is simply a tool that they use to work out whether you have the brains to put up a professional photo and whether you have the dedication to fulfil all their criteria.

Don’t forget, the photo is a valid part of the application form, and must not be forgotten. If an employer asks for a photo, make an effort and go and get some passport photos done, or get a family or friend to take a good picture so that you can put it on the application.

A photograph can be an unknown category, so here are some key tips for getting it right!!

Key tips for A Positive Picture:

Press Release about Internship-UK

Released to the public July 14th 2008
Author: Anders Nilsson

Are you one among many student with a lack of relevant work experience?

Competition about the jobs in economics are getting tougher every day. If you are a student that soon will graduate and enter the competitive business market you will need something extra. It does not matter if your future employer is from China or the United states of America, they will all look at the same things. Work experience is something that you will have to need in order to step into this new world. Work experience can be collected in many different ways, for instance you can work in a food store stapling jars of tomatoes all day, that is work experience. You can also work get a job outside serving ice cream to kids in a relaxed and easygoing environment. But how relevant are really these jobs? How will your future employer look at this experience and how relevant is it for your future career? These are questions that you have to ask yourself when you make these decisions, decisions that might not feel that important today. But they are definitely important for your future career and it is something that recruiters definitely will look at, and if you want a good job in the future it is these choices that will decide if you will get this job. Then there is of course a difference between work experiences, let us say that a recruiter looks at your application. In this application it says that you indeed completed a internship and gained work experience. What do you think will matter the most, if you did an internship in your home town or if youd did an internship in London? These are all questions that you have to ask your self when your creating your future career.

Press Release about Internship-UK

Released to the public June 19th 2008
Author: Laura Morrison
Tel: +44 (0) 1797 361 536


Feel like your university year is gone in a flash?

You start the year with welcome back parties and then quickly coursework starts mounting up then before you know it, it's January exams then post exam parties, then coursework starts building up again followed by summer exams and then yet more post exam parties and then it's the end of the year and time for summer. But what are you going to do? You're so caught up in the University cycle that you've forgotten to make time to find an internship, or that work experience which without a post graduation job may be virtually impossible to find.

So decide a few life changing moments and visit

Intership-uk provides valuable internships in Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Accounting, Management, HM, O&R and IT. With all of the information and application forms online, it is a no hassle task for any student. It's so accessible it can fit in to any busy schedule, and the benefits it provides are immeasurable. It is a very 'hands on' internship, where you really get to grips with your chosen field. It is also multi-lingual, with interns from all over Europe and the United States making it an opportunity to strengthen this skill set, which is becoming very important in the global business world. It is also very flexible with internships spanning from two weeks to a year. So there is really no excuse to spend the summer complaining, do yourself a favour, enhance your CV, learn more about the career you're interested in, and get that job you want!

Build your future today

If you would like more information about this topic or to schedule and interview with our HR department, please contact us at +44 (0) 208 106 0965.