Internship-UK Privacy Policy

Internship-UK assumes that, by starting an online application, candidates have read and understood the privacy policy of Internship-UK. All data provided by applicants will be saved into our internship database, solely for internal use only and will not be released to any thrid party orgranisation or used to meet commercial goals. All data presented is secured by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Therefore, by willingly starting an application, we ask that all personal details are submitted correctly and all questions are answered truthfully. The information submitted to Internship-UK will be used in conjunction to support your application during the recruitment process and for any required documentation thereafter. Internship-UK is an equal opportunity employer.

Our online application process allows you to leave the application at any time you wish and return to it at a later date (provided that you have correctly entered your e-mail address upon starting the application). You will receive an e-mail from us informing you about the period in which updating your application is possible.

If you do not update your application within the given time (usually 7 days) we will assume you are no longer interested in obtaining a work placement with Internship-UK. We will consequently delete your data from our internal system. If your application has not been successful, your data will also be deleted, after notification.

If candidates find that they do not agree to the privacy policy of Internship-UK, they may cancel their application at any time. Candidates may also wish to contact the HR team to have their data deleted from the Internship-UK database.

If you have any further inquiries please contact the HR Team.