Advertising and Copywriting Internship

For individuals looking to gain practical work experience in the field of advertising and copywriting, we provide an internship programme in which you work closely with management to set specific targets and implement advertising strategies. You will be working with Google Adwords to advertise our various products and services on a daily basis.

The daily tasks for an intern within our advertising and copywriting programme are:

  • Producing slogans for assigned products
  • Writing clear and persuasive copy
  • Optimising content to increase conversions
  • Producing multiple drafts and testing different versions
  • Conversion tracking and optimisation
  • Ensuring that ads meet the codes of advertising practices
  • Producing the written words for advertisements (such as slogans)
  • Creating ad variations and testing to optimse CTR (Click Through Ratio)
  • Work closely with Google Adwords campaign manager

By working in advertising and copywriting on a daily basis you will gain tangible working knowledge which will allow you to enhance your CV as well as provide the platform upon which you may go on to launch a successful career in the dynamic field of advertising and copywriting.

Apply now now for a rewarding work experience in Copywriting at our head office in the town of New Romney, Kent.

For more information regarding our internship programmes, feel free to contact us.