Human Resources Internship

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The practice of Human Resources is a distinctive approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the combination of implementing an integrated array of personal, cultural and structural techniques.

If you plan to pursue a career in the field of Human Resources (HR), an internship will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and essential working knowledge in how to build and coordinate a good relationship with staff and learn how to communicate with people from all over the world.

An internship in our Human Resources department is a challenging, yet highly rewarding role, as it will prepare you for the international job market afterwards. Working in Human Resources (HR) comprises a number of related activities, all of which are integrated into the overall ethos of our company. These areas cover working practices, working conditions, conditions of employment, diversity and equal opportunities at work.

The Objectives of our HR Department are:

  • To provide assistance and support to our staff
  • To maximize the potential from our students at Internship-UK and provide training to interns
  • To design and develop policies relating to the effective use of personnel within the company
  • To follow-up applications and evaluate potential interns
Internship UK

It is the responsibility of our Human Resources team to conduct all of the above activities and procedures in an effective, responsible and friendly way.

During your internship in Human Resources you will have the opportunity to learn how to devise and implement policy changes that affect your surrounding working environment. To build and retain excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and understand the intricate and multifaceted world of business practice and culture.

This international work experience will provide you with a distinctive edge that is required to gain success in a future HR career. As an intern you will be working in our multicultural team, gaining practical knowledge, learning how to manage effective communication between staff and management. Interns in Human Resources need to ensure that the organisation employs the right balance of staff in terms of skills and experience. In addition, to provide adequate training and development opportunities to others, to enhance overall performance and job satisfaction in the office.

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Working in the Human Resource Department

Internship UK

Essential for the success of our Human Resources department, interns should be able to have a grasp of organisational legislation and working practices, and have a clear understanding of business objectives, direction and procedures.

One of the benefits of our internship programme is that our HR interns have the opportunity to gain work experience in Human Resources as they deal with numerous applications as well as universities throughout the world.

During your internship you will be in direct contact with applicants and universities, who offer internships as well as maintaining constant communication with interns from around the world. Therefore, for our HR department to operate effectively, we expect our Human Resource Interns to have capable office skills as well as excellent interpersonal skills as you will be working both in a team and individually.

Supplementary to improving communication skills, this highly challenging internship placement will demonstrate how to effectively optimise an office environment and use a range of HR techniques.

  • Work closely with all departments, in a consultancy role
  • Prepare reports for management
  • Provide assistance for staff and advice (to help implement polices and changes in the workforce)
  • Ensure there is equality and diversity in the culture of the organisation
  • To devise and implement policies which select, develop and train staff
  • Establish and implement adequate training and induction programmes for new staff
  • Develop HR planning strategies with managers, to consider the short and long term staff requirements / the allocation of resources and the direction of the company
  • Develop policies that affect working conditions, equal opportunities, disciplinary procedures and absence management
  • Interpret employment legislation
  • Work with a wide range of organisational procedures including Health and Safety / office rules / welfare and living arrangements for other interns
  • Manage the work-life balance concerns of your staff and colleagues