Media Internship (Digital Photography / Graphic Design)

Internship UK

For students and graduates looking to acquire practical work experience in the field of Graphic Design and Digital Photography, our media internship programme provides you with the prospect of working closely with management, to design and implement a variety of promotional media.

With the focus of the internet shifting more and more towards an interactive multimedia platform experience, the growth and importance of graphic designers and editors has subsequently developed.

Our media interns are responsible for creating and innovating the look and feel of our websites for numerous business practices, to make sure they are creative, innovative and suit the target audience.

If you plan to pursue a career in the field of Graphic Design or Digital Photography, an internship will allow you to acquire necessary skills and essential working knowledge in how to plan and develop effective media pieces.

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Digital Photography Internship

Gain practical experience in Digital Photography by developing and establishing promotional material. Learn how to effectively edit and design digital imagery to project influential targeted messages.

As a Digital Photography intern you will learn about the logistical and technical issues involved in creating photo shoots and editing images. In addition, along with the responsibilities of developing projects, you will also be in charge of creating a theme for your intended projects. Our interns learn how to effectively select appropriate models, arrange a stage and props including: lighting, styling, placements and editing.

Imperative to the success of our organisation, is an extremely well organised and well trained Digital Photography department with regards to the following fields:

  • Ability to prepare a photo shoot
  • Able to select appropriate models for photo shoots and communicating with their subjects
  • Prior experience in the field of photography and editing
  • Understanding of how to manipulate lighting to acquire the desired image and perspectives
  • Knowledge and prior experience of editing software
  • Able to use a range of technical equipment
  • Understanding of how to use advertising and marketing tools
  • To work with others to build collective projects

With over 190 of our websites promoting the tourism industry and events in the UK, our digital photography department handles a wide range of imagery and displays for our partners and clients worldwide.

Graphic Design Internship

Internship UK

Our Graphic Designers are responsible for producing design solutions with high visual impact. The mask tasks as an intern in our Graphic Design program is to develop and exhibit a visual recognition of our brands. To utilise appropriate advertising and marketing tools to produce all kind of media and illustrations.

As part of our Graphic Design internship you will have the opportunity to grow and advance you skills in Graphic Design by implementing a wide range of illustrative work, to promote across a range of mediums and apply an array of skills and use your creative edge to design projects and achieve a number of set goals.

Interns in Graphic Design will learn how to develop a variety of visuals including:

  • Banners
  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Business cards
  • Advertising
  • Posters
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Flyers and images

From visual art pieces to user interface designs, from print making and typography, as an intern in graphic design your work will be distributed on the internet via one of our many websites, as well as via post to customers, clients and universities. We ask that applicants, looking to apply for an internship in Graphic Design, have prior experience in Graphic Design.

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