Public Relations (PR) Internship

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In today's market place, the field of Public Relations is increasing in importance and diversity. With the perceptions and focus of communication moving towards a more media driven focus, the recent explosion of new avenues of social media networks via web 2.0 application have led to tremendous changes in the field of PR.

In essence, Public Relations is the practice of managing and balancing the flow of information between an organisation and its stakeholders. Within the field of public relations, our interns have the opportunity to develop a wide range of essential competences and skills for working in today's modern international environment.

If you plan to pursue a career in the field of PR an internship in Public Relations will provide you with the necessary skills and essential working knowledge of how to effectively manage and implement PR campaigns and establish a solid grounding for a successful career in PR. In addition, an internship in our PR department will provide you tangible work experience to enhance your CV and develop your future career prospects.

During your internship in Public Relations you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in communication by using a range of methods and media to develop a positive media exposure and healthy, long term relationship with our clients and partners.

Requirements of Public Relations Intern

It is imperative to the success of our organisation that our Public Relations department is extremely organised and well trained with regards to the following fields:

  • Relations
  • Product / Service awareness
  • Networking
  • Prior knowledge in the field of PR / or have a degree in any of the related subjects: Journalism, Advertising, Communication, English or Marketing
  • Use blogs /forums and Social Media Optimisation (SMO)
  • Keep up-to-date with current trends and news related to the industry
  • Develop Public Relations campaigns for the travel industry
  • Ability to develop and reinforce brand awareness
  • Prepare and create promotional content and material
  • Assess and improve internal and external communications

Overall, with an internship in our Public Relations Department you will be working alongside an international team. Therefore you will gain the necessary skills required to have a productive career in the field of PR.

Apply now for a rewarding work experience in Public Relations at our head office in the town of New Romney, Kent.