Translation Internship

Internship UK

Ever wanted to become a translator?

Do you want to learn how to interpret and translate languages and understand the phonetics and linguistics behind the structure of languages?

Our translation internship at Internship-UK provides students and graduates from all over the world the opportunity to learn from a first hand perspective, how to interpret languages and to become a specialist in translation services.

As an intern in the field of translation, you will have to convert written material from one or more languages towards its targeted audience. Ensuring that there is a high degree of accuracy between the source language and targeted language, that both content and grammar are up to standards and the targeted message is effective and accurate.

In order to maintain a high standard in our translation department, interns must have an excellent grasp of two or more languages and that interns can understand the phonetics behind languages.

As an intern in translation services, students will be dealing with clients and partners from all around the world. Most of the time interns will be working with the official languages of the European Union and United Nations. Our translation internship will provide students with the unique opportunity of handling languages from all over the world.

At Internship-UK our translation interns will be responsible for a range of documents and articles for educational, commercial and literary fields.

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Requirements and Responsibilities of a Translation Intern

  • Proficient knowledge and understanding of two or more languages;
  • Able to read through original material and content with the aim and intention to rewrite towards the target audience whilst ensuring that the meaning of the text is retained;
  • Use a range of specialist source materials and reference books to find and closely match most accurate terminology and words to use;
  • Research phrases and terminology to find the correct translation;
  • Proof reading and editing final translated documents and drafts;
  • Providing grammatically, well expressed final versions of enriched translated documents and articles;
  • Working on multiple projects and assignments, ensuring that deadlines are met and that they are to a high standard;
  • Networking and making contacts.

Benefits of a Translation Internship

With students from all over the world, learn from native speakers in over 19 different languages how to translate and interpret a wide variety of articles and documentation.

  • Practice learning new languages;
  • Improve your skills in proofreading and the accuracy and proficiency of the targeted translated language;
  • Acquire analytical skills in analysing texts and their structure;
  • Improve your abilities in writing, especially in grammar and punctuation;
  • Gain an understanding of interpreting the nature and study of languages;
  • Improve your communication skills, especially written;
  • Improve the knowledge of the target country and its language;
  • Learn a variety of intrapersonal skills, competences and soft skills;
  • Improve the cultural awareness and values of the target language;
  • Gain a greater understanding of the style and structure of a wide variety of documents and articles.