IT Department : Web Development Internship

In today's marketplace, more and more transactions are facilitated through a website. Therefore, it is paramount to any business that their online applications function at an optimal level. If you plan to pursue a career in Web Development, an internship will allow you to acquire the skills and gain valuable working knowledge in the functions and applications which will provide the foundation for a successful career.

At Internship-UK, one of the core aspects of our web development internship programme is the emphasis on project organisation. Interns working on a computer science degree or other IT related degree will join one of our web project teams and will be given assignments and tasks in a wide variety of emerging fields on the web. Moreover, as an intern in web development, you will frequently deal with innovating new website improvements and designs

  • Working knowledge in web development, web design and scripting languages such as VBScript, PHP, ASP, CMS and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of XML integration
  • Be familiar with database design and SQL using MySQL and MS Access
  • Working knowledge in database design and structure
  • Working knowledge of W3C validation
  • Able to use re-factoring techniques
  • Be able to approach problems with an "object model view."
  • Basic understanding of project management
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Development of client and server database-applications
  • Basic understanding of related e-commerce principles


Successful applicants will gain working experience in each of the above areas as well as receive exposure to developing dynamic, online e-commerce applications. A web development work experience will allow you to build your CV, to improve your future career opportunities.

Apply now for an internship in Web Development at our head office in New Romney, Kent.