Internship-UK Reviews and Opinions ™

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1. Professional experience:

My internship in Marketing gave me valuable work experience in my field but also in Media company.This internship gave me a real boost in my CV and make my job search easier. Indeed, I found a new job one month after! * Daniel from Spain

2. Learn to teamwork:

I was use to work alone, but working in the marketing department of Internship UK I quickly realized that you can be more efficient by working in a team. Delegating work and sharing the task is now something familiar to me because we often had to interact with people from other departments like translation or recruiting. * Janis from Germany

3. Learn to be autonomous:

This internship in the UK was the first time I had to live by myself, away from my parents. In this situation, you quickly have to learn how to take care of yourself and be independent. Through this life changing experience abroad I now can say that I’m autonomous. *Javier from Spain

4. Improve your communication skills:

As a shy person, my communication skills were my weakness at the beginning. But, being in this international company and having to talk with different people from countries all over Europe, everyday, radically improved my communication skill. *Chiara from Italy

5. Learn another language:

The environment is multicultural in the company, so through working in the translation department I got the chance to learn different languages from all over europe. *Anicet from France

6. Improve your english:

I have been living in England for 2 months. At the beginning of the internship, my English was very basic and my pronunciation bad. Now I can speak fluently everyday with a good accent because in the marketing department of Internship UK we had to interact with many people from different departments every day. *Daniel from Spain

7. Put into practice what you learnt in school:

I learnt lots of theoretical things in my university courses but I never could transfer them into practice. During my internship in the IT department of Internship UK I finally got this opportunity and now I know how to use all my knowledge. *Tim from Netherland

8. Meet New People:

My first internship abroad was a great human experience for me. Here at Internship UK I met so many amazing people from places I would have never been able to go to. *Katarina from Austria

9. Travelling:

Here at internship UK I made friends from all over Europe that I can visit every summer. It makes travelling funnier when you have someone to visit! In this way this internship abroad really changed my life. *Alan from France

10. Learn to plan things:

During my internship in the marketing department of Internship UK I learnt that planning ahead is the key to achieve work efficiency. *Maxime from France

11. Social Network:

During my Internship in the translation department of Internship UK I built a social network with other interns and employees from countries all over Europe. This life changing experience gave me the opportunity to have friends from all over the world, who can help me in my business life additionally. * Gaultier from France

12. How to act in an office:

During my internship in marketing I got to know how to act in an office with people from different cultures. Thanks to that I’m familiar with international office rules and I feel well prepared for my professional life. * Benoit from France

13. Reaction with co workers/boss:

At Internship UK we have many different departments like marketing, translation or recruiting. That means that I have to interact with international co workers which helped me to get rid of my shyness. *Katarina from Austria

14. Speaking in public:

Before I was scared about speaking in public but during my work in the marketing department of Internship UK we had many meetings and workshops where we had to speak in front of many people. Through that now I feel comfortable to speak in front of people. *Thibault from Belgium

15. Criticism:

When I got criticized in university or at school I didn’t know how to handle it. But during my internship in the marketing department I learned how to recycle criticism and how to use it to improve myself. *Thomas from England

16. Management skills:

In my internship in the recruiting department of Internship UK I had to plan, coordinate and undertake projects. Thanks to this experience my management skills improved. *Ester from Spain

17. Learning to use new software:

During my internship in the marketing department I learned how to use important SEO software like Google Adwords and now I really feel prepared for my professional life. *Albana from Denmark

18. Learn to be on time:

In the marketing department of Internship UK we have many meetings and workshops. In that way you learn how to plan your working day in order to always be on time. *Chris from Greece

19. Time management and deadline:

During my internship at the recruiting department of Internship UK I had to work on many projects with setted deadlines. Through that I learned how to meet this deadlines and I improved my time management. *Alexandre from France

20. Dress for your job:

During my internship in the CRM department of Internship UK I learnt how to dress for different events and occasions for example for meetings with customers or people from other companies. *Xavier from France

21. Customer Relationship:

Working in the CRM department of Internship UK I had lots of contact with different customers from all over Europe. That helped me to improve my communication skills and now I know how to deal with different kinds of customers. *Pauline from France

22. Administrative task:

In my internship in the UK I learned how to assume responsibilities with my paperwork. I had to sign a contract, to follow the regulations and administrative tasks that are really important because I need them to convalidate my internship and I cannot do mistakes, as it will be in the future. Guillaume from France

23. Learn to listen:

During my internship in the marketing department I learned how to listen others opinions. Most of the times they realized about things that I didn’t and they helped me to improve. I also learned the difference between hear and listen, if you just hear you will not understand what they are telling you and you will not improve. *Pedro from Spain

24. Learn to be organised:

In my summer internship in the UK I learned how to organize myself in order to achieve all my goals. I have a lot of work that is helping me to improve my marketing skills and if I’m not organised I will not be able to finish my work when I am supposed to. Without organization I couldn’t respect the deadlines of our projects. *Janis from Germany

25. Learn to be More creative:

During my internship abroad in marketing I had to give ideas and implement them in order to get my job done, and also to face the problems that appear during everyday job. At the beginning it was hard but now I have more facilities to find solutions due to the creativity that I achieved in this company. *Megane from France

26. Fight shyness:

When I arrived to this company I was the new guy and I had to overcome my shyness to make new friends. To do it I forced myself to speak in front of a public and to introduce me to them. Lucky me they are all really nice and helped me a lot making my stay here really easy. *Megane from France

27. Take initiatives:

In this summer internship in the UK I learned how to take initiative. I couldn’t wait until they ask me to do something, so I had to start thinking and doing my own things. By taking initiative I made a lot of mistakes but I learnt from all of them. Thanks to it, I improved a lot my skills. *Lucas from France

28. Learn to Be flexible:

I had to learn how to adapt myself in order to be more efficient. In this internship in marketing I learned how to reschedule my work in order to get my job done. Following strict timetables is not really good, sometimes is better to be more flexible and adapt myself to achieve my goals. *Alexandra from Italy

29. Learn to Be professional:

n this internship I had to learn how to differentiate my personal life than my professional life. I had to do my job and sometimes I had to work with people really different and I had to step aside our personal differences. I also learnt during this internship how to do my job no matter the circumstances. *Cristiana from Italy

30. Create presentation – Powerpoint:

I had to present my ideas, projects or just the work that I had done in front of the rest of my co-workers or even the CEO. At the beginning it was difficult, but at the end of my internship I did it much better. *Caroline from France

31. Hold workshops:

During my internship-UK we held Workshops like seminar or training class in which the participants work individually or in groups to solve actual works related tasks to gain hands-on experience. It was very useful to learn new things and fight shyness by speaking in front of people. I've really appreciated it during my internship. *Megane from France

32. Learn to be efficient:

During my internship in UK, we achieved know-how and social skills. On account of the knowledge that I've learnt. This experience enabled me to be more efficient. *Chiara from Italy

33. Holding brainstorming session:

During this internship-UK, we organized brainstorming sessions in order to find new solutions and ideas. We needed to analyse and find ideas to resolve problems or we wanted to take an opportunity related to our work. This was a very interesting team work. *Julien from France

34. Acknowledge what you can expect in terms of salary

According to me, the salary should be in line with our work, and high-responsibility posts should have a more important value. However, for a trainee the most important thing is learning, and I have truly appreciated working at Internship-UK. *Thomas from England

35. Make friends:

When I came in internship-UK for the first time, I was afraid of being alone. Making friends can be more or less easy according to our personality. However the first thing to do is to communicate with people, but also share interests and understand each other. I was not disappointed because this is a very welcoming place. *Mattia from Italy

36. More professional contact:

The more time passed, the more my ability to adapt to various situations and adjust my behaviour became more efficient. I am glad that I was able to work with many colleagues and that I made a contribution to Internship-UK. *Théo from France

37. Learn self-control:

During my internship-UK in the Marketing department, sometimes, I had a pressure with the work. But knowing myself, I have known to keep the self-control. For my part, I regularly exercised to relax. *Maia from France

38. Diplomacy:

During my internship-UK I could see, the diplomacy was sometimes necessary with my others colleagues. We had to listen to what the other person had to say and didn’t try to enter into negotiations in an angry way. That is why a good working relationship is crucial. *Maxime from France

39. Sense of priority:

During my internship-UK I could make the difference between the priority and the futiles things as to don’t waste my time and be more efficient during my working hours. Thanks to that I could work properly by focusing on what was important to reach my goal. Thank you for yours advices Internship-UK. *Kevin from France

40. Be confident:

Leaving my country and coming for the first time in England, I wasn’t confident in myself. But thanks to my teamwork and my others colleagues within internship-UK I succeeded to be more confident and make decision by myself after few months. I didn’t hesitate to ask for help. All went very well for me. *Valeria from Italy

41. Precise goals:

During my internship-UK with the Marketing department I could see the importance of the precise goal as to don’t waste our time by going in the other direction, work correctly and understand what we supposed to do. It was an extremely rewarding experience. *Julien from France

42. Hard working:

During my internship in the UK, I have learned to become a hard worker in the marketing department of the company. I needed to work correctly and efficiently with the others interns. It was an extremely rewarding experience. *Chloé from France

43. Quick learner:

I have enjoyed being at Internship-UK in the translation department because I have learned many important things. For example, when I was working, I was taking notes, reviewing my mistakes, asking questions, avoiding feeling anxious and regularly searching for learning challenges. Thank you Internship-UK. *Caroline from France

44. Hand shake:

When you start an internship and you are the new one, you meet a lot of new people. At Internship-UK, I had to introduce myself to the others interns and the first impression is really important. How you shake hands says a lot about you. *Anthony from France

45. Take care of colleague:

During this internship, I spent many hours per day in the marketing department of the company, and that's the reason why our co-workers become also our friends. Whenever one of us is going through a bad moment at Internship-UK, we are there to give our support. *Vasiliki from Greece

46. Correct behaviour:

At Internship-UK, I learned how to behave in each situation in the IT department. Indeed, I cannot behave in the same way, when I talk to our boss, to a co-worker, during the working hours, or to a colleague, out of the office. *Mattia from Italy

47. Discover culture:

Working at Internship-UK with the others interns every day, made me open-minded and taught me a lot of things about their life and culture. That’s why I have appreciated the opportunity to be in this company. *Anicet from France

48. Find out if you like your field:

This internship was the perfect opportunity to apply what I have learnt during my studies, and it is not always as I expected. This is the moment to make sure, if you really like the field that you chose. *Albana from Denmark

49. Improve your writing skills:

During this internship, I had to do reports of what we are doing, it is the best way to organize my ideas, and also improve them. We write a lot, and practice is what makes perfection. *Simon from France

50. Working in hard conditions:

Working is not always easy in an internship, sometimes in the translation department, the conditions make my job more difficult, but our boss will not care, he/she just wants me to get me job done and that's what I have to do. *Megane from France

51. Be focused:

At Internship-UK, I have to achieve some goals, and the only way to reach them is by working hard. It is impossible to reach them, if am not not focused enough on what we do and if we don't give our best of ourselves. *Camillia from Italy.

52. Pressure management:

During my internship, in the marketing department, I have to work under pressure many times, and though it is hard at the beginning, after some time I got used to manage these situations and face them properly. *Gauthier from France.

53. Learn things in your field:

I think that the best way to learn is by practising. Thanks to my internship in Marketing, I’ve acquired knowledges in this field and it has helped me to become more professional. *Pauline from France

54. Be helpful:

During my internship in uk, I worked with many people from different fields such as human resources, IT. As soon as I had a problem, I asked anybody in the office. And in the same way, they asked me if there were any problems. *Matteo from Italy

55. Be multitask:

To being graduated, I had to do an internship. I decided to do it abroad, especially in uk in the field of e-Marketing. I had to manage different things at the same time in order to be more efficient such as article for a travel agency or videos for Youtube. *Megane from France

56. Create professional atmosphere:

During my working hours in my internship, I had to be able to create a good professional atmosphere among my colleagues. That is to say, to be able to work in a friendly environment and be productive in my job, as well. *Megane from France

57. Balance your personal and professional life:

I had to be able to separate my personal from your professional life during my summer internship. I was not allowed to use my cell phone to contact my friends or my family, to check facebook from a company’s computer or to use another Social Media in general. *Albana from Denmark

58. Motivate others:

During my internship I learnt that motivate your colleagues allows you to have a good working atmosphere and good results, as well. The best thing to do if there is any problem with someone is to talk over this in order to find a solution and go on with the work. *Ester from Spain

59. Typefaster:

My summer internship was focus on e-marketing, I had to do a lot of things with computers, especially type on the keyboard. Typing faster allows you to save time and start new projects. So, I didn't waste time looking for the good key on the keyboard. *Thibault from Belgium

60. Working in a different culture:

I wanted to do an internship abroad to discover another culture, to practice another language. I was able to adapt quickly at the any circumstances, especially in a foreign country. It will be better for both, your work and your living there. *Alexandros from Greece

61. Change your point of view on things:

During my summer internship in uk, I had to exchange my opinion with other people. It’s like a giant brainstorming. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about the language, the subject and especially the way that other people think. *Pedro from Spain

62. Think big:

Thinking bigger enables you to see bigger. Indeed, you have to be able to check all the different possibilities regarding the matter that you’re working on, as to get the best possible results, at the end. *Alexandra from Italy

63. Be PMA:

Thanks to this internship I learnt to have a Positive Mental Attitude that allow me to be more efficient, during my working hours. Now, I can keep a positive attitude even if I don't like my subject. I have to give me the best of myself although I haven't idea about the topic. *Janis from Germany

64. Arguments:

Thanks to this internship I received many advices in order to how is the behavior at work. For example you may be arguing with your colleagues over something about yours task. This internship helped me dealing with this issue. *Deborra from Italy

65. Efficient breaks:

Thanks to this internship I learnt that the best way to take efficient breaks is to take several little breaks, instead of a long one. So, when I go outside to refresh my brain, I can pursue my task with a new point of view. *Eva from Poland

66. Separate personal and professional:

I learnt from my internship to separate the personal and professional, in my life. Of course, in the beginning, it was quite hard to get rid of my personal problems as soon as I reached the office, but it is the best way to work efficiently. *Pauline from France

67. Observation skill:

Thanks to this Internship I learnt to simply observe how my clients and co workers react, instead of harassing them. I’m sure that you can know more about someone simply by observing what they do and how they react. *Kevin from France

68. Be polite:

During this internship I learnt that be polite is the basis for both, personal and professional relationships. Being polite is MANDATORY since it represents who you are. Being rude means that you are a negative person and nobody wants to be like that! *Daniel from Spain

69. Suppress bad manners:

In this internship I understood how suppressing bad manners being polite, because the behaviour and the manners are the mirror of your personality. I will keep that in mind during all day in order to be able to work in a nice environment. *Matteo from Italy

70. Reformulate with your own words:

Sometimes, it is better to reformulate an order or a project’s description, as it will help you to detect its main goals and stay focused on them. In my internship I learnt that reformulating means to have understood the task, well. If I am not able to go through with it, means that I haven’t understood the assignment after all. *Pawel from Poland

71. Problem solver:

Being involved in a working environment, signify being able to solve the problems that come up in any situation. Thanks to this internship, I learnt to adapt myself and bounce back from critical situations. This quality is one of the most appreciated from employers. *Maia from France

72. Find problems:

During my internship in the marketing department of Internship UK I developed my skills in observing. Now I’m able to see problems before they even appear and to solve them right away. *Andrea from Spain

73. Be proactive:

At Internship UK you have responsibilities and you are wanted to be proactive. In this international atmosphere I had to speak with people from different countries. During my work in the recruiting department I developed this skill and got rid of my shyness. *Eva from Poland

74. Sense of hierarchy:

Working in Internship UK I developed a sense of hierarchy. In this international company I got used to accept hierarchies. Talking with my supervisor or boss is different than talking with co-workers. *Sophie from France

75. Understanding of your future career goals:

Before this internship I wasn’t sure if I really want to work in the marketing field. But the work in the marketing department of Internship UK made me sure that it’s exactly what I want to do. This experience helped me a lot to know what I want to do with my future. *Daniel from Spain

76. Learn to forgive:

During my internship at Internship UK I learned that it’s human to make mistakes. And I also learned that you have to forgive your co-workers because otherwise the working atmosphere won’t be good enough to be productive. Especially when you have to interact with them on a daily basis like we did in the marketing department. *Vasiliki from Greece

77. Organise events:

During my internship abroad, I was in charge of the event organization. I organized events in the UK with people all over the world which really helped me to improve my communication and management skills. *Lucas from France

78. Know the purpose of your actions:

In the marketing department of Internship UK we always got feedback immediately after finishing projects and we also saw if our campaigns are accepted by our customers. That gave me an impression of what I’m working for and it made my stay in the UK really effective and motivative. *Valeria from Italy.

79. Discover new interest:

During this internship abroad in the translation department of Internship UK I met many people from all over Europe and in that way I got in touch with plenty of new things I’ve never heard of before. This really helped me to develop new interests. *Chiara from Italy

80. Make correct choices for the company:

At Internship UK I worked together with experienced professionals from different departments like marketing, translation or IT from international countries like Germany, France or Spain. The teached me a lot and showed me how I can make the right decisions. *Chloé from France

81. Be familiar with the company’s culture:

Internship UK is the first company I’ve worked for. Because of that it was the first time that I got in touch with a company’s culture. In this internship the culture is really great. The international people from all over Europe are creating a warm and exciting atmosphere which makes working a pleasure. *Aurora from Italy

82. Don’t be afraid to ask question:

This summer internship allow me to erase my fears, and being braver. As trainee I learnt from my supervisor how to do work properly and helps you when you need it. By asking a lot of question when I didn’t understand the task assigned I improve my skills faster. *Ester from Spain.

83. Respect your workplace:

Thanks to my internship in IT, I learnt to keep a pleasant workplace. I always cleaned my desk and avoid to do a lot of noise in order to not disturb my colleagues. The atmosphere in the company was really nice thanks to that. *Jean–Kevin from France

84. Capacity:

I am quite sure to have developed my capacity in CRM. Everyday, working with real clients and be able to answer their questions is really educative. Now, I’m more efficient than before. *Marc–Antoine from France

85. Be able to say no:

Before I was too shy to say “no” to friends or coworkers. But with my internship in Marketing I did a lot of workshop that helped me to overcome my shyness. Now, when I have a lot of work to do I say “no” for not being overbooked or make bad work. *Tim from Netherlands

86. Be inventive:

When I begin my internship, I didn’t think that I will creates a workshop on Marketing topic for my department. I stressed out, it’s was horrible but I imagine a game where they shot at random a topic and they create a company, a brand and make a marketing mix for their products. It ‘s was very nice and everyone give the best of himself to win. *Pawel from Poland

87. Analyse results:

During my work in the marketing department of Internship UK we always got feedback for our projects and we compared our work with other departments like translation or recruiting. In this way you can learn out of your mistakes and improve yourself all the time on your way to a professional work. *Anthony from France

88. Stress management:

When you speak in front of people it’s one the moments the most stress, your heart pounding and yours thoughts tangle. But thanks the workshops where everybody is forced to take part so to speak in public, I learned to control my stress. *Konstantina from Greece

89. Body Language:

During my internship in the marketing department, I had to communicate a lot with people. My verbal communication was fine but I had to learn how to control my body language in order to send a better message during conversations. *Katarina from Austria

90. How to be open-minded:

During my internship in translation, I was working with a multicultural team. I had to learn to be more receptive and open about other culture than mine in order to have a good working environment *Florian from France

91. Learn from others:

During my internship at Internship UK I got in touch with people from different departments like marketing, IT, CRM or translation and from countries all over Europe. Through that I discovered and learned many new things which are very useful for my later professional and personal life. *Alexandros from Greece

92. How to have a professional look:

While I was in human resources for internship, I learnt to look professional in any situation. It’s not just wear a suit and tie for men and dress tailor-made for women. It’s how you wear it, take care of details and leave nothing to chance. *Javier from Spain

93. How to write a speech:

As a marketing supervisor, I have to speaking in front of several people everyday sometimes to motivate or to introduce new things . Writing a speech in a few notes is a skill I master now, because you must to say a lot in few words. *Alan from France

94. How to live in a community:

During my stay abroad, I had to share a house with 20 other interns, it was not always easy because we are all different. however we have to do that during a long times. So a good communication between us become very important to keep a nice atmosphere at home and at work. it’s why we make some rules to help us, for example clean after yourself or turn down the music after 10 PM. *Serena from Italy

95. How to face a conflict:

This internship in the UK brought me a experience of what I am going to face in the future. One of the many things I learned here is how to face a conflict in the office. Sometimes we had professional conflicts due to the different opinions that we have about some topics. Here I learned that the best way to deal with these conflicts is to give arguments, listen to the others and try to think what is the best for the company. *Vasiliki from Greece

96. How to make reports:

My university needed a report of what I did in my internship in the UK. At the beginning I had no idea about how to do it and what to say, but after a few weeks of hard-work and with the help of my colleagues I did a good report. Now I can not just do my reports but also help others with theirs. *Eliza from Italy

97. How to sell something:

This is one of the main goals in the marketing department of every company. This internship allowed me to gain the knowledge I need to do a good campaign. *Lisa from France

98. How to follow the company’s rules:

In order to work with so many people and have a good atmosphere the company has its rules. This internship gave me the opportunity to learn how to act in a real company. *Laetitia from France

99. How to learn things from different departments:

We are all focused in how to improve the company and sometimes we find the answer from a person who works in another department because we all work with the same goal and we work together to achieve it. *Megane from France

100. How to have your boss on your side:

Sometimes it is hard to have your boss on your side, but this internship brought me the opportunity to know how to approach to a superior and how to expose my ideas or work in order to get his support. *Kevin from Belgium