My Internship in Accounting

Internship UK

Hello, my name is Nicolai, I am 24 years old and I am from Germany.

I will soon finish my study, which is Business Administration with the main focus on Accounting and Finance. The reason I chose this internship in the accounting department was to practise all the things I learned during my study and to improve my English skills. I also wanted to go abroad and see how they work in other countries and how it is different to the companies in Germany.

It is a great experience to work with a multi-cultural team. I met many students from all over Europe and some from overseas. I learned a lot about other cultures during work and after work, spending time together. Furthermore I reached my goal to improve my English because this is the only language which is spoken during working hours in the office.

In the accounting department I was responsible for the bank reconciliation, statistic releases weekly and monthly, creating invoices for the CRM team and also for our partners, and I check the petty cash. I also check the paperwork for our flat-shares in London and report all the expenses of the company and the activity bookings.

I really enjoyed my internship here in New Romney.

Department: Accounting
Wiesbaden Business School
Hochschule RheinMain
Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 18
65197 Wiesbaden

Accounting Testimonies

Internship UK

Hi, I am Ellen! I am 19 years old and I come from The Netherlands.

I am studying Business Economics/ Finance and Control at the University in Nijmegen. This internship is a part of my studies. I had the opportunity to do my internship abroad and that was for me a big challenge. I preferred to go to a country where I can improve my English, to work in a company where I can learn everything related with accounting and to work with a multicultural team.

Internship-UK is related with all these things. During my time here I have already improved my English because I work in the accounting department with people from all over the world, so this is the best combination for me. After my internship I go back to school and will finish my bachelors degree in Finance and Control.

Ellen Bongers
Department: Accounting
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
Kapittelweg 33
6525 EN Nijmegen
The Netherlands

Accounting and Finance Internship

Internship UK

Hi,My name is Julia, I am 21 years old and from Germany.

I am studying economics with the main focus on international accounting and I wanted to do an internship abroad. This is a great chance for me. I can gain work experience while improving my English level. Furthermore this internship is a possiblity to advance my social skills because I am living together with the other interns. They are from all over the world, so I have learnt much about different cultures and nationalities.

Before I arrived in New Romney I had many expectations and goals: First goal is, of course, the improval of my English skills and work experience. Secondly, I wanted to move forward and become more independent.

Here in New Romney I work in the accounting department. I am responsible for checking the bank reconciliations and doing several statistics about the bookings. I am also creating invoices for our customers. Besides I have to check the expenses for food and different events. Every week I have to check the paperwork for our CPS-Flatshares in London.

I had a great experience in New Romney and really enjoyed my internship.

Department: Accounting
Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Schlossplatz 4
91054 Erlangen

Accounting Intern Testimonial

Internship UK


My name is Andrejs. I study Business Administration in Klaipeda, Lithuania. After third year of my studies I decided to get practical experience in Accounting since it is my favourite business field. I applied in a several places all over Europe including Internship-UK. Fortunately I got immediate response from Internship-UK and succesfully completed recruitment process. Initially my main goal was to get work experince to improve my CV. In fact, I obtained much more in addition to exeptional accounting practice.

First of all it was a great international experience. I met many other students from countries all over the world. We learned a lot about each others' cultures spending time together. Now I have good friends in Italy, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Russia and even South Africa. Furthermore I substantially improved my English since it was the only language in the office and in the house I shared with other interns.

Working in accounting department I was mainly responsible for collecting, recording and analyzing financial data. Each day I checked all transactions throught bank reconciliation, and recorded expenses and incomes. I also prepared statistical data on a daily, weekly and monthly timeframes. Using this data I evaluated performance of the company and prepared reports for the people on the top. Furthermore I created invoices both for our partners and customers. This is just a small part of the whole list with my duties. I got amazing work experience!

I am really pleased with my Accounting internship. And I encourage everyone to apply to Internship-UK!!!

Andrejs Nesterenko
Department: Accounting
LCC: International University
Kretingos 36
LT - 92307 Klaipeda
Home Country: Latvia