Event Management Testimonies

Internship UK

Hi, my name is Emma and I am all the way from Australia! I am studying a Bachelor of Management in Leisure at the University of Technology, Sydney. I wanted to gain practical and productive work experience and it has been even more beneficial being able to do my internship abroad in the United Kingdom.

I was particularly interested in the field of event management because not only is it relevant to my studies, but because I was really interested in many different event experiences and I believe it is important to be working in a field you are passionate about in order to work at your best.

My first impressions of the internship when I arrived were that it would be a good taste of what a full-time work environment would be like and that there were so many new things I had to learn about event management and marketing. However, it has been a really beneficial learning experience and I have discovered that there is a lot of hard work, organisation and commitment involved in managing events, as well has learning to deal with and solving issues that unexpectedly occur during the entire event management process and learning new ways to be creative in promoting and selling events.

For my future career plans, I would like to be doing something within the arts and entertainment industries. I have enjoyed gaining experience event management but perhaps may also take on other departments such as public relations or publicity.

University of Technology, Sydney
P.O. Box 123
Broadway, NSW 2007

My Internship in Events

Internship UK

Hello! I am Juliette, I’m French, I am 20 years old, and I study at a business school in Paris.

IIn the beginning of my internship I worked with Event Management! I worked alone in the Event Department and I learned a lot about organisation, creativity, and how to motivate people.

After a while, I changed to the Marketing Department, to learn more about HTML and how to create and improve website pages. I met many nice people in New Romney and I hope I will stay in touch with them afterwards!

My expectations upon arrival were to improve my English level, observe how a foreign company works, meet new people, and learn about Event Management. During my internship, my objectives are speaking fluent English, organize a lot of events that I write on the Event calendar, welcome new interns, organize trips. In the Marketing department, my objectives are improving website pages and create French pages for French-speaking customers.

After this internship, I will finish my business school, and later I would like to work in the publicity sector, because I am a creative person, and I know how to convince people!!

Juliette Legendre
184 boulevard Saint-Germain
75006 Paris

My Internship Experience in Event Management

Internship UK

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am currently studying office management at ECSEDI-ISALT in Belgium. During my studies I had to do an internship. I chose to do it in England to improve my English skills. What I really appreciated about Internship-UK was the fact that we have the great opportunity to work with young interns from all over the world.

I have always been afraid to not find my way and the field I would like work in when I am done with my studies. I always liked to work in the field of Human Resources, but I really needed to know if it was what I wanted to do throughout my career. So I applied and was accepted as an intern in Human Resources in Internship-UK.

Afterwards, I started thinking that I wanted to know more about what people do in marketing. So I asked to change department and to work in marketing. I did work in marketing during a little period of time, but then I was attracted to the Events Department and guess what! I got the position as Event Manager and I love it!

It is a very big opportunity for us to be able to change department and to learn so many important things in such a short period of time. Thanks to that opportunity, I now know that not only was I born to work in Human Resources, but also that I will be one the best Human Resources Manager ever.

Sarah Alinaghian