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Hotel Management Testimonies« Hello everybody, I am Ehsan and I am currently studying Facility Management, Engineering of services and Real estate properties, with the option General Services.

This work placement in London was an amazing experience that I was expecting. I learnt a lot about Facility Management.

I had real responsibilities and I used my knowledge in Facility Management to work with trainees from different countries. To steer a multicultural team during my work placement in Studios92 in London was really interesting because it enabled me to use my communication skills. Nowadays it is necessary to pay attention to the cultural differences of the students, above all in a multi-ethnic town like London.

Lead the office was the main task I had to do during my work placement in London. I had to deal with all the services in the London office : Marketing, Sales, Accounting, IT and Human Resources.

During this summer experience in the UK I was a trainee in charge of Facility Management and I took part in the recruitment and training of new trainees coming to London. It had to be perfect because we had lots of security rules in the London office and I was responsible of the students' security.

During this work placement in London I had to be available all the time for the trainees, to welcome them and to answer their questions. It was a powerful and enriching experience abroad.

I was also in charge of the flat-share in London because in the field Facility Management there is the part : Real-estate management. The main things that I was dealing with during my work placement were trainees' security and hygiene. I was responsible of the flat-shares' and office's hygiene. Students had lots of rules to know and to obey in the London office in order to work in safety. I had to make sure that everybody knew and understood those rules that is why I trained the new interns.

Furthermore during my summer work placement as a Facility Management Trainee I was in charge of the customers' needs and security. So I created a guide-book with security instructions for the trainees and the customers in London.

Moreover, for my work-placement abroad in Hotel Management I had to take care of the flat-shares where the trainees lived. I was responsible of welcoming the new trainees in London, showing them the flat and make sure that all the flat-shares were booked. I was in charge of the maintenance team in London and I had to make sure that everything was clean and safe in the flat-shares for the trainees. Sharing the work between the employees and checking the work done was one of my job during my experience in Hotel Management.

Finally, during my work-placement abroad I took care of the life in the London office and the flat-shares' hygiene.

This work-placement in London was a great experience for me because now I have more skills and knowledge to continue my studies in Hotel Management.»

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Internship UK

Hotel Management TestimoniesHello, my name is Naly and I come from Germany.

Now I'm in England to do an internship for 3 months. I've already been here for one month and the time passed so fast. We are a really good team and the special thing is that we come from all over the world. The work and social atmosphere is very good.

My departments are hotel management and event management. In hotel management I am responsible for many different aspects of the business. I welcome customers upon arrival and check out and ensure their stay is enjoyable. I am in charge of money handling as well as bookings. I also manage the maintenance for the hotel daily as well as the food deliveries for guests and employees.

My task as an event manager is to plan a lot of different events. E. g. if a new intern arrives I plan a welcoming party. I also organize city trips in England and this month our interns will fly to Barcelona for two days. That will be very funny! The event calender is always full of events like cinema days, club nights, movie nights, cooking events, paint ball, sports competitions, pub nights etc.

No boredom will arise, I ensure you of that. The objective of these events is to keep our company morale high. Nobody wants to work somewhere they do not enjoy, therefore events keep our staff working hard but also having fun at the same time.

I only have two months left at Internship-UK but I know that it will pass very quickly. I already know that I will miss all the people and staff that I have met in England.

Naly Soukhaseum