The Transition from Academia to The World of Work

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Human Resources My name is Stephen McAllister, I was born and raised in the UK. I am a Masters graduate from the University of Leeds and a graduate from Keele University. Throughout, my 4 years of university I had learnt and acquired a wide range of theoretical knowledge in the fields of Business and Social Sciences.

I would like to think that I had learnt a lot during my studies and was well educated in organisational and business theory. During my studies I had the change to study a wide range of courses and felt that I was prepared for the world of work. The only problem was that after 2 degrees, I fell into the age old catch-22 situation of being over educated and under experienced for work. Applying for full time work during the announcement of the credit crunch meant that alas many organisations turned me down.

After month of search, I realised that in order to prove my skills and apply what I had acquired from university I would need to take on an internship to ground my skills, and use what I had studied in books to the world of work. When I joined Internship UK I was given a warm friendly welcome by the staff and other interns. I had the chance to settle in straight away.

The flexibility of work allowed me to establish my own personal work ethic and learn how to establish my own work life balance. Since my arrival, I had the chance to handle a multitude of tasks and responsibilities. On a day to day basis I worked closely with the Marketing and Sales departments and the IT department to provide co-operation and guidance when needed, and to help with the concerns of the other interns at Internship UK.

Human Resources The atmosphere and environment here was far above my expectations. Aside from learning new skills and applying myself. This internship has been a great opportunity for me to meet people from around the world and from a cultural perspective I have had the chance to broaden my horizons.

Overall, I have learnt a lot from this internship and have had the chance to apply my theoretical understandings in the world of business. In addition, this internship has given me the chance to develop a strong work ethic and the chance to be able to prove to myself and to those around me.

With this internship, I aim to continue learning all that is required to be successful in the modern age of business and to develop myself as a life long student.

Stephen McAllister
Keele University, Keele, Staffordshire
Leeds University, Leeds
University of Leeds

Working in the Human Resources department

Internship UK

While I was about to finish the university, my biggest fear was: what am I going to do now? I was quite sure to have a complete theoretical knowledge concerning my field (social psychology), but practically I could not do anything! Fortunately by chance, I found the Internship-UK website and I found an excellent starting point to gather some work experience. Thus, I decided to apply for a one-year internship, in order to learn as much as I could.

It is amazing how fast I have been learning here, in Ltd! I am a member of the Human Resource department and it took only few days to be fully integrated. Since the first day, my manager did not hesitate to give me responsibilities. This has been helping me to grow both professionally and personally. Due to the several applications we receive every day and the high number of interns that compose our team, the Human Resource department is always full of work. This means that it is absolutely impossible to get bored!

Moreover, the members of our team are all kind and friendly people with a contagious Positive Mental Attitude. PMA makes the work hours just run quickly thanks to the jokes and the laughs always present among the interns. In this kind of environment, I realized how much I can learn from my colleagues even if we are all diverse in age, culture, and work experience. The team work is particularly encouraged therefore interns all share a common objective. In this environment it is essential to rely on each other to move forward together.

To sum it up, I can definitely state that I have learned more here, working in the Ltd. company, than in the 5 years of university. The knowledge that I have acquired is practical, rather than theoretical. This fact is the internship is helping me fill the gap between the university and the work market; a gap which is not easy to fill in. I feel that the experience I am having will definitely be helpful for my future career in the Human Resources department. After the few months that I have worked here, I am sure the decision to come was absolutely right.

Giulia Ricci
Vrije Universiteit
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Boosting CV with Internship UK

Internship UK

I am a current graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA(hons) in English. After my degree, I was only relying on my part-time job, which had nothing to do with the career that I wanted to pursue. I was applying for jobs even before I graduated but unfortunately I was not receiving any positive replies from the work posts simply because of my lack of experience. I therefore decided to do an internship to help me to boost my curriculum vitae and at the same time I was willing to move away from home and to get a gist of life which would also help me to build my own individuality as well as a career path.

Fortunately within my searches I came across Internship-UK. I decided to go with the placement offered because the website itself made me feel invited and the idea of working with people from different countries really intrigued me. I am currently doing an internship in Human Resource.

The reason why I chose this field is because it was the closest one to my degree and I always wanted to do my masters in communication and also to have a career that deal a lot with people. HR is also a very challenging post which keeps me going all the time. During my work placement in HR, I have been working on various skills such as recruitment, interviews, managing current staffs, mentoring new interns etc.

For me, working with Studios92 has been the best choice that I could have gone for because it gives me the opportunity to use my own initiatives as from day one. I felt very welcomed to bring in ideas and to form part of a team from the beginning itself.

I would definitely say that the social as well as the working experience has proven to be extremely fruitful in many ways and the fact that we are always working together and to bring a more modern and positive thinking in our daily life.

Internship-UK has been the perfect move in my life simply because I have gained a lot more than what I personally expected. I will absolutely encourage and invite people to join our internship crew.

Vidushi Latchayya
Manchester Metropolitan University
Oxford Road, Manchester

An internship abroad is the best way to improve yourself

Internship UK

My name is Lara, I am 32 years old and I have a 5-year long professional experience in the Human Resources field. It is a real opportunity for me to work in a field in which I am proficient, even more in the city of London. I have the ability to improve my English level and enrich my professional vocabulary at the same time, and in the meanwhile dealing with a lot of responsibilities every day help me improve my skills and competences.

Lara, 32, France. Internship in Human Resources, London, UK.

A timeless experience working in Human Resources

Internship UK

Hi everybody!

My name is Silvia, I still work in an Italian Company as PA and I chose to use my holiday to gain an Internship abroad in order to improve my English and professional skills.

I decided to do it by working because it would enable me to refine both aspects at the same time. It's really interesting to test your professional acquired skills in an international atmosphere. Without this experience I would never have discovered these benefits. I would never have had the possibility to share all my know-hows with a such a culturally diverse team. These kind of results are never written because anyone can describe them, you can feel and smell them in the air... but only by experiencing a true internship like this!

I believe that the exchange of different ideas, cultures, background, know-how, studies are priceless and everybody should test them at once. Having done this Internship and I feel like a winner right now, because I realize that I had spent my holiday in the best prospecting way. My English has improves incredibly and much of my working knowledge seems to have been enriched too. Thanks to my Internship UK experience, I am certain that I will increase and improve my career opportunities.

I will keep you informed!

Silvia Iannicelli
Piazza dell'Olmo 26
Tel +39.0771.030487
Facebook website: silvia iannicelli

A great opportunity and a worthwhile challenge

Internship UK

During my Erasmus program at the University of Surrey I found out that a lot of people studying psychology go for a placement year after finishing their second year. A year work experience and then back to university. I had no work experience in the field of Psychology, neither in Human Resource. I started looking and found Internship UK. After my application things went really fast. I have worked for one week now. The beginning was really nice. The team is friendly, young and motivated. It is a great challenge, but if you have the change to take it, do it!

Ruth Harmsen
University of Groningen
Broerstraat 5, Groningen
Tel +31 (0)50 363 8181
Fax +31 (0)50 363 7100

Human Resources Internship - A Great Work Experience Oportunity

Internship UK

Having been an active member in the team managing the Human Resources department with Ltd was a wonderful experience for me. As an intern for 3 months I had the opportunity to have my own insight of the possibilities that an internship in England offers.

We can't really compare an Internship in England and one in France. I have to say that it was the best experience I could ever have had to learn that much about the main aspects of Human Resources. And not only about Human Resources but I also learnt a lot about England.

During this Internship in Human Resources, I had the chance to handle a lot of different responsibilities, to deal with internal (staff management, organisation of the office, promotions, shiftlists) and external (recruitment) HR, to manage my own team with people from different educational backgrounds and nationalities.

Working with all this people, doing interviews, personal meetings and brainstorming improved a lot my communication skills and my ability to speak foreign languages (obviously english but also to consolidate my basics in Italian and German).

The relations with the team in London were also very enriching. Visiting them to work with them and to enjoy spare time together in the beautiful city of London was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed both, the time I spent working and the time I spent with my colleagues, that are now more my friends than just colleagues.

This is not only a training period in my life, this is a great life experience!

If I had to do it again I would surely apply with Internship-uk. The HR team is always happy to deal with new motivated applicants and I would be the most motivated one!

Caroline LALLART
Human Resources Department
IAE Caen
3, rue Claude Bloch
BP 5160 - 14075 CAEN cedex