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Internship UK

Hello I’m Victor. I’m currently studying at TELECOM SudParis, one of the leading engineering schools in France. I was looking for a international internship, and then my school recommended me internship-UK. That was very good advice as I discovered a really young, dynamic team.

The management was totally open minded and always listened carefully to the projects we submit. Everybody was very friendly and I had a great time in New Romney. An Event Department takes care of the PMA ambiance and organize a lot of great trips and parties.

I stay in touch with most of the interns and I always love hearing news from them. As the team was completely international, I almost never spoke in my native language which allowed me to improve my English. I’m almost bilingual now!

Moreover the work I did was very interesting and it allowed me to improve my informatics skills. This experience gave me the opportunity to put my theoretical studies into practice. Through several projects I was involved in, I really learned a lot about life in companies.

I’m not afraid to begin my professional life any more!

Victor Savonneau
IT Web Development
Tel: + 33 1 60 76 40 40

Web development, New Romney, Kent

Internship UK

Hi, I'm Roman and I come from Poland. As I had to do an internship before I start my final year at University, I chose to join Studios92 in New Romney.

During my internship I was responsible for maintenance and improvement of websites as well as the Internet applications. I was able to use my theoretical knowledge in practise as well as learn some new things. I really enjoyed the cooperation with the young, enthusiastic and motivated group of interns from all around the world.

Moreover, we have been attending workshops which I found very accurate and useful. During our spare time, we were traveling around, partying or just hanging out in the houses we were living in. Altogether, I can say that everything I mentioned above made this internship successful and unforgettable for me.

Roman Starczewski
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Automatic Control and Computer Science
The Opole University of Technology
phone (+48 77) 400 62 43, 400 62 13
phone/fax (+48 77) 400 63 45, 400 63 46

Internship UK a great opportunity to participate in!

Internship UK

I am currently a university student studying a degree toward Computer Science at The University of Ferrara. It is a university requirement that I participate in an internship in order to obtain work experience relevant to my studies. After having done some research, I came across the Internship-UK web site, which presented me with all of the information I needed to be sure that I would be provided with a quality internship in which I could develop my skills and gain work experience in the UK. The goals and objectives of Internship-UK fitted in well with my personal goals and it is therefore that I decided to complete their on line application and to be a part of such an aspiring team.

My first impression of Internship-UK was based on the testimonies I have seen on the Web site from other interns, as well as the detailed information regarding all the departments and the tasks they are involved in. When I actually started with my internship, my expectations were outlived, as everything I had read was in fact true. The staff has been very friendly and helpful from my 1st day. Upon my arrival, I was introduced to all the staff both in and outside my department. The atmosphere is quite flexible and I find it positive because it enables me to learn even quicker.

IT Internship Testimonies I had the opportunity to build my own websites and the staff is highly competent and professional. One of my goals from this internship is to be able to build attractive and efficient web sites, and have confidence in Internship-UK to assist in facilitating me obtain these objectives.

Mirna Bagnolatti
IT Web Design
University of Ferrara
Via Savonarola, 9 - 44100 Ferrara -
Phone +39 0532 293111 -
Fax +39 0532 293031

Why should you join Internship-uk?

Internship UK

For my Bachelor degree, I had to do an internship of around 15 weeks. I joined the Internship-international.com, internship program in London. I took this opportunity to obtain working experience in the UK and improve my English skills.

After months of research, I found the internship-UK website and after being amazed by the number of questions, I was stoked with the possibilities presented by the HR person I have been in contact with.

Moreover, I enjoyed the possibility to work in the web development department, as my curriculum only provided me with theoretical knowledge in that field. I was looking for opportunities to practice web development skills and improve my English at once in an international environment, The Internship UK programme made it happen!

When arriving in New Romney, my first impressions were more then positive. With several countries represented, and as much accents as Regions spread onto our Planet, I was given an immediately a welcoming party with my supervisor, the CEOs and all of my future colleagues.

The first days puzzled me as everything just has another rhythm than school or other organisations I've been involved in. You practice during work, and you are expected to learn fast while being more and more efficient as you receive projects from the first day. I like it though, it keeps me on the edge and I learn something new every day.

During my internship, my goals were about learning as much as possible about the Gift-tours.com Ltd business and its challenges. Technically speaking, I have been involved in the development of dynamic websites, which are very challenging to set up regarding the high level of complexity of the design that these dynamic websites require.

Additional to the previous task, I have also improved on, practised and fostered my project management, time management and team work skills. One day, I would like to improve the inter department communication as all the projects that are integrated and involved other services.

Learning is a constant process and I would like to invite you to run for such challenges and opportunity programmes proposed by Internship-uk.com.

Herve Tunga
IT Web Development
Haute École de Namur
Tél : +32 (0)81 46 86 10
Fax: +32 (0)81 46 86 49

IT Internship in New Romney, Kent

Internship UK

Hello, I am Mickael (21 years old) from France. I am currently in my 3rd year studying Computer Science in Paul Sabatier University. This year I had to find a 4 months internship. Nadia, my teacher advised me to take a look at www.internship-UK.com which propose IT placements abroad. I applied and I had been accepted in Studios92 company located in New Romney, Kent.

My first days impressions were very good. We were a big team from many different countries working and living together. The ambiance was very friendly and there were a lot of nice events and parties planned to welcoming new interns.

Shortly arrived, I was given several development projects. This was a good way to familiarize with the company. I had to learn fast while practising. This was completely different from what I used to at school but I liked it.

My goals were mainly to gain IT experience and improve my english. But also to discover a new country, meet a lot of people coming from all over the world with their own cultures and so improve my CV for my future career.

Departement informatique
133B avenue de Rangueil
BP 67701
31077 Toulouse Cedex 4

IT in New Romney, England

Internship UK

Hello, my name is Volkan (20 years) from the Netherlands, and I'm doing my internship at Studios92. I applied for an internship in IT Web-Design in New Romney, England.

I am responsible for helping and supporting my colleagues (also international students) with updating and maintaining over 100 websites worldwide. I have tasks such as creating and improving the logo's, banners, and even the entire layout of our websites.

As you are working with over 20 students from different country's all over the world, this internship is the perfect opportunity to improve your English (written and spoken). In short, an internship which you'll never forget!

Volkan Ogretmen
Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Weesperzijde 190
1097 DZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Victor Savonneau