My Internship in the UK

Internship UK

I was studying “Marketing and Sales” at the University of Applied Sciences “Campus02” in Graz (Austria), whereby I have chosen the concentration on “International Marketing Management”. For the completion of this practical apprenticeship I attended an intern ship at studios92 on the south east coast of England.

For me, experiences in foreign countries were and are very important for my further life. On the one hand because in this way you can broaden your language skills very fast, which is (especially concerning English) very important to the direction I have chosen, but mainly because a stay abroad forms one’s personality. You can learn a lot from the different lifestyles and cultures.

When I arrived at the company, I was at first astonished about the informality and flexibility in this company, that the whole staff mainly consists of interns and about everything being so different like I was used to from companies I worked for in Austria. I was also impressed of the size of this online company, because studios92 had at this point of time about 17.000 partner accommodations worldwide and managed about 100 websites, now its even more.

I expected from the completion of this intern ship to gain insight in the workaday life and the processes in a successful company, as well as to play a part in several projects and tasks in different fields of Marketing and ideally even to be allowed to carry out responsible tasks on my own and in general to gain work experience – which was the case.

In addition, I gained a lot of social experience since I was working and living 24/7 with different people form all over the world, including learning a lot about their customs, beliefs and opinions. But the best thing is, that I got to know great people I never would have met otherwise. I remember as if it was yesterday when I had those long talks with my room-mate from South Africa.

All in all I am very thankful that I could make this experience, and to be sure not only because it looks good into the CV.

Christiane Pilz
University of Applied Sciences
Campus Graz
A-8021 Graz,
Körblergasse 111
Tel: 43-316-6002/786 Fax: 43-316-6002/700

A long Journey and a Great Internship

Internship UK

Moving from St Martin to the Netherlands was a real big step for me never the less it had to be done in order for me to further my studies at Noorderpoortcollege Netherlands. During my first semester in international business studies apart of my curriculum I had to do an internship of at least 360hours, in which I applied to internship UK in order to pass my first year.

Since making my first big move to Holland I took this opportunity to to apply, upon arrival in New Romney Kent I was exposed to a young multi-cultural dynamic team of interns where I felt most welcome by them. I can say interacting with such a team give me the experience needed for College and life it self. The working life at studios92 was enjoyable I felt like a permanent worker rather then an intern.

The reason for that was for workshops rather than just sitting there we were asked our opinions and ideas on certain subjects and the managers would certainly take that into consideration which I respected the most. This is definitely the experience of a lifetime you will remain PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) after doing this internship.

Good Luck!!!

Prevain Davelaar
Home Town: Groningen
School: Noorderpoortcollege
Course: International Business Studies
Hora Siccamalsingel
177, 9721HE

My Internship in Public Relations

Internship UK

My name is Marlene, I'm 20 years old and I live in Nantes.

I'm doing this internship because, we had to do a work experience placement and I chose to do it in England, because I wish to improve my English. It's very important for my studies.

In my work in the PR Department I have to contact French travel agencies to propose them a partnership with our firm. Afterwards I create a data base.

After the internship, I don't know what I'll be doing, maybe find a job or continue my study.

Lycée Privé
Professionnel et Technologique Talensac – 18 rue Talensac
BP 10225 – 44002 Nantes cedex 1
Tél. 02 51 72 95 10
Fax 02 40 47 65 63