Voluntary Work UK

Taking a valid gap from your studies can be a daunting affair, volunteering is a great way to enhance your CV and develop essential personal skills and competences. Voluntary work can help build an array of skills in areas such as project management, negotiation and planning, along with developing communication and scheduling skills and goal setting abilities.

You may be frustrated because you know what career you're looking for but don't have the experience or perhaps you want to try something different. Many employers prefer work placement schemes rather than a travelling/holiday experience. Whilst qualifications are still very important voluntary work can help you get the experience you need.

Voluntary work need never be boring or dull andthere is no reason not to take full advantage of EU citizenship and travel. Voluntary work abroad has never been so attractive! Just imagine how great it would be to say that you have already lived and completed voluntary work in a different country before you even finished your education!

In an age of more competitive markets and workforces, voluntary work can provide an alternative approach to gaining essential work skills along with the potential for positive life changing experiences. As well as the obvious feel-good factor, volunteering can provide some real benefits to your career, as you develop the 'soft skills' that many companies look for in their staff.

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Advantages of Volunteer Work in the UK

Volunteer work gives you not only satisfaction but also offers a lot of advantages:

  • Volunteer work gives you invaluable life experience
  • Getting valid volunteer work will give you the skills to back up your time away
  • You will meet a wide variety of people doing volunteer work
  • Volunteering is always great fun
  • Voluntary work is a great way to travel and see the world
  • Provides a great opportunity to develop a strong work ethic
  • Employers LOVE to see valid volunteer work on your CV

It is often wise to listen to employer needs when considering your volunteer work. For instance, the University of Bristol completed a survey and noted opinions from top employers. HSBC is a leading bank and their Senior Managing Executive for Education has stated that "volunteering is work experience with the added possibility that the act of choosing to be a volunteer can show even greater initiative and commitment". Following this lead, if you want to further your career prospects, it is wise to do a voluntary placement.

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